To license one or more of my photographs please use the process and rates below:

Thanks for your interest in licensing one (or more) of my photographs. I license images every day to people, businesses, and organizations around the world. In order to simplify the process I have created this page.

If you have questions or concerns please email DuncanRawlinson@gmail.com

Licensing Process:

  1. Find the photo(s) you’d like to license.
  2. Make contact via email and outline the intended usage.
  3. Once terms are agree upon payment is sent to DuncanRawlinson@gmail.com using PayPal, postal mail check, or via Bitcoin. (invoices can be provided as needed)
  4. After payment is received you will be sent a high resolution version of the image(s) via email (or Dropbox if/when the files are too large)

*Please note, if you’re buying a print please visit Photo.Duncan.co to complete your order. Once payment is received the print will shipped ASAP.

Usage: Fine Art Photographic Print or Framed Image.
Price: Please Enquire

Usage: Brochure, Business Card, Stationery, Book Illustration, Magazine Article, Presentation, or Television.
Price: $250.00 USD. Valid For 2 Years.

Usage: Calendar
Price: $250.00 USD. Valid For 1 Year.

Usage: One time use of image Corporate Package Including – Business Cards, Brochures, Web Use, or Stationary.
Price: $1,000.00 USD. Valid For 5 Years.

Usage: One time use of image for Billboard, Wall Mural, Wall Paper, Glass Wall, Splash Back etc.
Price: $1,000.00 USD.

Usage: One time use of image for either Book Cover, CD Cover, DVD Cover, Album Cover, Magazine Cover, or Product.
Price: $500.00 USD

Usage: Online Publishing / Web / Online News
Price: $150.00 USD per image valid For 5 Years.

Usage: Unlimited Use Of Image Online.
Price: $2,000.00 USD

Email DuncanRawlinson@gmail.com if you have any questions.