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People Who Always Say No

ProTip: Don’t listen to people who tell you no.

I’m always stuck in these weird little cracks in the system because of the unusual lifestyle I lead. People are constantly telling me no, no, no… Over the last couple of years I’ve been location independent and that invariably means I don’t fit into the little check boxes bureaucrats love so dearly. It’s frustrating at first but you really just need to figure out how to handle it.

There is always someone who wants to tell you no. No that’s not possible, no we don’t offer that service, no that’s not how it’s done.

It goes like this:

“No we don’t offer that service and you can’t do that.”
“Oh wait my supervisor said that yes in fact we do offer that service but you have to pay extra.”
“Oh wait in fact you don’t have to pay extra.”
“So yes you can do that.”

Whenever you’re trying to do something unusual people will tell you that it’s not possible for a number of reasons.

Sometimes they’re just covering their asses and don’t want to get in trouble for doing something unusual. Yes that’s right get in trouble! They feel like they’re in grade school and their bosses will slap them on the wrist for doing something wrong.

The default position of some people is no. They just have a fundamentally different world view. Fall in line, do as your told, don’t rock the boat… No, no, no, no….

Often they’ll say no because they don’t want to acknowledge that you may in fact know more about the current situation than they do. Another reason people will say no is because they have an agenda. Case in point, any salesman that works on commission. A common excuse people go negative is “that’s just not the way it’s done.” If it’s not the status quo it can’t be done! When you’re doing something unusual it freaks people out and their first reaction is to just tell you NO.

The trick with all these types of problems is to think creatively and be polite. Kill them with kindness and know your stuff. If that doesn’t work just be such a pain in the ass that it’s easier to just let you do what you’re trying to do than to keep saying no.

Whatever the case, don’t take no for an answer if what you’re trying to do is important to you. To find your solution be polite, persistent, knowledgeable and creative.

We Bought a House O Wheels!

Dorothy and I bought a house on wheels!

Our RV Belle 02

It was quite an adventure to buy the vehicle and drive it home.

We flew from Ottawa to Toronto:

Then we jumped on a small plane to Sault Ste. Marie:

When we arrived we saw this beauty:

She’s a 2011 Winnebago View 24J built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chasis:

Her name is Belle.

Actually, her full name is BelleView. Weird right?! Dorothy likes the name so it’s gonna stick!

We bought her used from a great guy and it’s virtually brand new. He was the perfect guy to buy an RV from. He was meticulous about maintenance, cleaning, and he really respected the vehicle. It only has 3000 miles on it and it’s a diesel! We paid ~40% less than what he bought for it last April.

We had been on the hunt for this exact vehicle for months and to see it now sitting in the driveway is really exciting.

We plan to enjoy what’s left of the summer knowing Belle is ready to go for the next adventure!

Dorothy at Ganonoque Lake:

Nom Nom Nom:

We’re now getting geared up for full-time North America based nomadism. There is a loooong list of items that we need to get for our new house on wheels. We plan to add solar panels, 4g modems, Antennae, Bedding, Small Dog Crate… The list goes on and on.

Clearly Belle is quite an upgrade from our last van Gerty! We spent 10 months in Australia in our little Van Gerty which you can see below.

Duncan and our old van Gerty in Australia:

We’re excited for: concerts, festivals, parties, friends, tourist stuff, and all the amazing photographic opportunities!

The plan: GO SOUTH for the winter and HAVE FUN!!

We’ll be on Hill Island for at least a few more weeks before we head South.

Dorothy and I are very happy and excited for the next chapter in our lives.