• Geometric Dance

    In “Geometric Dance,” Duncan Rawlinson delves into a visual exploration that bridges the tangible world with the expansive potential of digital creation. Through a meticulous blend of photography and artificial intelligence, Rawlinson constructs a landscape of shapes — each image is a carefully orchestrated array of geometric forms, standing bold and vibrant in color. The series plays with the contrast of sharp angles and soft spheres, creating a rhythmic aesthetic that invites the eye to dance from one element to the next. The artist’s use of AI infuses the compositions with a sense of precision and possibility, pushing the envelope of traditional photography into a new realm of abstract art. This collection stands as a testament to Rawlinson’s ability to harness technology to manifest a vision that is as evocative and profound as it is visually stunning. The result is a harmonious blend of shape, color, and aesthetic that speaks to the serenity found in balanced forms and the dynamic beauty of color relationships.


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  • Cycles of Creation

    This collection represents the convergence of the timeless art of sculpture with the forward thrust of artificial intelligence. Each piece is a testament to the ability of algorithms to not only understand but also to expand upon the natural world’s complex forms. The seamless integration of wood’s organic essence with the exactitude of digital computation results in an exploration of the latent space where artistry meets innovation. Duncan Rawlinson’s use of both photograph and artificial intelligence imaging techniques crafts a narrative of boundless creativity, where the traditional boundaries of sculpture are reimagined through the lens of modern technology.


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  • Luminous Interiors

    Duncan Rawlinson’s “Luminous Interiors” is an exploration of interior design illuminated by the interplay of light and form. Through the fusion of photography and artificial intelligence, these images present a vision of spaces that are at once futuristic and intimately familiar, inviting a contemplation of the way technology can enhance and redefine our sense of place. Each image in the collection is a unique encounter with the potential of light to sculpt our environment, showcasing Rawlinson’s talent for capturing the essence of modern design.


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  • Flowing Insights

    “Flowing Insights” by Duncan Rawlinson is a compelling series that showcases the seamless fusion of artificial intelligence with the art of photography, creating a new paradigm in visual aesthetics. Each image is a celebration of digital artistry, where the structured world of algorithms meets the fluid creativity of the human spirit.

    The sculptures captured in these images are characterized by their dynamic sweeps and graceful curves, which are highlighted by the strategic use of lighting and shadow. This interplay creates a sense of depth and movement, making each piece appear as if it is in constant, serene motion. Rawlinson’s innovative technique crafts a narrative of design and detail that invites contemplation, revealing more with every viewing.

    In “Flowing Insights,” we are offered a glimpse into the potential of hybrid art forms, where technology amplifies human expression, resulting in a body of work that resonates with the complexity and elegance of the digital age.


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  • Water Lily Trilogy

    Water Lily Trilogy presents a collection of three photographs that merge the organic charm of water lilies with the subtle elegance of impressionist art. Each image in the series draws the viewer into serene landscapes where light, color, and water converge to create visual poetry. Showcased together, these photographs form a narrative of natural splendor, captured and refined through the synergy of photography, AI enhancements, and classic artistic techniques by Duncan Rawlinson.


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  • Mineral Palettes

    In ‘Mineral Palettes,’ Duncan Rawlinson presents a series that captures the essence of mineral diversity and geological vibrancy. Merging the realms of AI with the art of the camera, each piece becomes a canvas displaying the spectral beauty of raw, earth-derived elements, inviting viewers to a world where technology mines the depths of artistic possibility.


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  • Serene Bloom

    Blending the art of AI with the craft of photography, Duncan Rawlinson captures the serene beauty of a single lotus in repose, a tranquil testament to the fusion of technology and nature.


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  • Yes Chad

    This synthetic portrait blends contemporary AI with traditional photography to capture the confident and assertive essence of the “Yes Chad” meme. The subject’s profile is marked by a striking contrast between the sharp, platinum contours of his hair and the warm, earthy tones of his full beard. His gaze is directed off-camera, exuding an air of contemplation and self-assuredness. The image harmonizes the tactile realism of human features with the polished, almost hyperreal quality characteristic of digital artistry, resulting in a piece that feels both cutting-edge and intimately human. https://Duncan.co/yes-chad

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  • Chromatic Vortex

    The “Chromatic Vortex” series represents Duncan Rawlinson’s masterful orchestration of diverse AI and photography techniques to craft a unique visual experience. In this series, Rawlinson seamlessly blends advanced computational algorithms with the art of photography, creating a dynamic array of images that capture the volatile beauty of color interplay. The intricate details of each image demonstrate the potential of AI as a creative partner, bringing a new dimension to photographic art. From the fluidity of colors mimicking natural phenomena to the structured chaos of digital effects, the series exemplifies how technology can extend the photographer’s palette. This collection stands as a vivid illustration of the evolving landscape of art, where multiple disciplines intersect to create something truly mesmerizing.


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