• Equilibrium’s Reflection

    In a future where nature flourishes, a hidden lake mirrors a surreal landscape. Created by Duncan Rawlinson through a blend of contemporary photography and AI, this image captures the serene balance of a world where humanity and nature thrive together. The scene depicts a hidden lake in a distant future, reflecting a landscape where colors blend seamlessly. Tall plants with delicate, pulsating flowers thrive amidst the mist, untouched by human hands. This serene spectacle illustrates a hopeful and thriving world, showcasing a future where natural beauty and sustainability prevail.


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  • Waterfalls of Imagination

    This piece, created by Duncan Rawlinson, merges contemporary photography with artificial intelligence techniques to explore the latent space. “Waterfalls of Imagination” depicts a surreal landscape where vibrant colors and abstract shapes evoke a sense of imaginative potential and future visions. The harmonious blend of natural elements and digital artistry illustrates the boundless possibilities of combining traditional and modern creative methods.


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  • After the Rise

    Created by Duncan Rawlinson, this image envisions the world long after sea levels have risen, submerging ancient canyons and giving birth to new coral reefs. Utilizing a blend of photography and artificial intelligence, Rawlinson captures the transformative power of nature and the potential future of our planet’s landscapes. This work explores the latent space between reality and imagination, offering a vivid glimpse into a possible aquatic future.


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  • Dreamscape of the Ancient Forest

    In the heart of an ancient forest, bathed in golden light, souls meet beneath the watchful branches of a colossal tree. Crafted by Duncan Rawlinson using contemporary photography and AI techniques, this image explores the latent space through a fusion of these mediums. The result is a creation that is almost a painting and almost a photograph, something in between. The scene depicts an ancient forest illuminated by a golden glow, with a colossal tree at its center, its gnarled branches creating a mosaic of color and shadow. It captures a moment of deep connection and magic, evoking a sense of mystery and timeless significance.


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  • Floral Radiance: Emerging from Darkness

    In this piece by Duncan Rawlinson, vibrant flowers emerge from the darkness, their luminous colors captured through a blend of contemporary photography and artificial intelligence. This artwork explores the latent space, offering a glimpse into the evolving world of digital art and modern aesthetics.


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  • Blossoms in Blue

    This artwork by Duncan Rawlinson captures the intricate details of cherry blossoms set against a deep blue sky, blending contemporary photography with AI imaging techniques. The image explores the latent space, creating a visually stunning contrast between the soft petals and the rich background. Positioned somewhere between a graphical poster and a surreal image, this piece blurs the lines between traditional photography and digital art.


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  • Light and Form

    Duncan Rawlinson presents an abstract universe where colorful shapes float in a dark expanse. This creation, crafted with a blend of AI and photography, showcases the sharp angles of polygons contrasting with the soft, rounded edges of circles, forming a dynamic and engaging composition. The vivid colors and diffused lighting enhance the sense of movement and depth, making the viewer feel as if they are drifting through a fantastical space filled with endless possibilities.


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  • Glitch in the Simulation

    A surreal seascape where a divine rendering engine falters, captured by Duncan Rawlinson through a blend of contemporary photography and AI techniques. This artwork explores latent space, merging digital and natural elements in a futuristic and imaginative manner, highlighting the errors in a divine rendering engine.


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  • Digital Spring

    “Digital Spring” by Duncan Rawlinson merges contemporary photography with artificial intelligence techniques, creating a mesmerizing scene where nature and technology converge. The image showcases vivid pink blossoms intertwined with cascading lights, set against a mysterious and futuristic backdrop. The intricate details and vibrant colors highlight the seamless integration of photographic artistry and AI-driven creativity, evoking a sense of wonder and sci-fi mystery.


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  • Radiant Mosaic

    Duncan Rawlinson’s “Radiant Mosaic” explores the synergy of photography and artificial intelligence. This artwork blends intense colors, bold patterns, and floral elements, creating a visually striking piece that redefines contemporary art through innovative digital methods.


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