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Here are my Burning Man 2013 photos.

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All of these photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

*UPDATED* May 28th 2014 I just got some film back and posted a few new Lomo images below. Enjoy!

These photographs are also on Facebook, Flickr, or

Lady Playing What Looks Like A Space Organ

The Man

The Epic Coyote created by Bryan Tedrick (his comments below)

Screen Printing T-shirts

Lee And One Of His Many Musical Instruments

Dusty Out There

Dorothy And The Rv

Dorky Selfie

Vintage RV

Burning Man “V.I.P.” ;) ;)

Lee And Bobby Just Before Heading Home

Michael And Mathieu Just Before Heading Home

Wes And His Rig About To Hit The Road

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Dorothy and I (These bunny ears move according to your brainwaves!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Happy Man With A Fantastic Purple Cape

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Singing Flowers (created by Krystal Perkins and Colleen Pelech)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Dorothy Playing With Google Glass For The First Time (campmate works for Google…)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
A Lion Of Fire Pouncing On The Man

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Man Explodes

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Man On Fire

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Radiant Heat Fire Whip / Wrap And Fire Dancers

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Torch Holder

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Ranger Tek Sage (+1 For All These Awesome Guys!!!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Baseball Pyramid Bat Country (created by Gwen Fisher, Paul Brown)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Dust Party At The Giant Cock Art Car

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Referee At The Giant Cock Art Car

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
VW Minibus With Hammocks

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Man Rides An Electric Turtle That He Built

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Better Half

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Art Car

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Jellyfish People FTW!

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
What Walking With a Lightsaber Looks Like

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Surly Bird Art Car (thanks to Mark G for the name!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Hoosier Daddy Bike With Giant Wheel

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
FPV Pilot

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Quadcopter Pilot Greg Briggs

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
DJ Sicarii Playing on Scaffold Platform Altitude Lounge

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Sunset On The Mountains

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Riding Bikes Toward The Playa (at 9 I think)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Desert Forest

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Woman Works On The Truth is Beauty Sculpture (Sculpture created by Marco Cochrane)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The “Gypsy Queen” by Robby Lebovic catching the “Salmon Ella” a franken fish, by The Tuna Guys

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Young Man At Center Camp

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Body Art By Jon Nash of Tribal Markers At Center Camp

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Sound Sculpture At Front Of Center Camp The Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Center Of Center Camp

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
3 And Esplanade (I think)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
French 3D Imax Crew Blimp With 2 RED Cameras

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
PhotoChapel And Landscape

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Can’t Remember The Name

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Goddesscraft (created by Steven Eye, Kati Astraeir, and Moises Orozco)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Name Unknown

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Idaho CORE Marvin, The Vortexagon Burning Man 2013

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Idaho CORE Burn Marvin, The Vortexagon Burning Man 2013

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo Of Black Rock City At Sunrise (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo of Burning Man 2013 (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo of Burning Man 2013 (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo of Burning Man 2013 (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo of Burning Man 2013 (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Aerial Photo of Burning Man 2013 (Thanks to Bryan for the flight!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
New York CORE project Star of the City by Adi Azulay

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Up Close And Personal With The Man

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The Flaming Pachinko Machine (created by Neal Milch / Animus)

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Man Climbing On The Flaming Pachinko Machine (created by Neal Milch / Animus)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Massive Flaming Pachinko Machine (created by Neal Milch / Animus)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
RC Aircraft With LEDs Produces Colorful Ribbons Of Light On It’s Flightpath (Flown By Firefly)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The HELIX Art Sculpture With Rotating Flames!!! (created by Charles Gadeken)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Discofish Art Car

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Discofish Art Car Scales Up Close

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
UFO Landing At The Man

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Hand Of Inspiration

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Our Bikes (mine makes a fun shadow!)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Skeeball Or Riskee Ball (created by Christopher Guard & Site 3 coLaboratory)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Super Street Fire (created by Seth Hardy)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Tangoed up in Blues

 (Duncan Rawlinson)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Cunning Wolves!

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Clock Ship Tere Art Car

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Friendly Burners

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There Are Many Ways To Burn

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ENVISION: The Life Cube (created by skeeter)

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
Amazing What People Bring To The Playa! This is Ooligan Alley

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
Burner Working On A Wind Turbine (I Think)

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Black Rock City Air Force

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More Amazing Burners Perform In Front Of The Abraxas Dragon Art Car

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Stunningly Beautiful Burner

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Kokomotive Art Car created by David Thibert

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Yet Another Beautiful Burner

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Cyborg Photographer Eric Schwabel with his Human Lightsuit At The Man

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Wedding At The Church Trap

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
First Moment As A Married Couple At The Church Trap

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Red Dragon Art Car named Spike by Charlie and Gail Holthausen

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Playa Dancer Kelly Guenther

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Solar Powered Art Car

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Burner Riding The Giant Moustache Teeter Totter

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Typical Scene On The Playa (Art Car Is The NeverWas Haul)

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The Epic Coyote (created by Bryan Tedrick)

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Inside The Temple of Whollyness (created by SYNTHESIS LLC: Gregg Fleishman, Melissa Barron, Lightning Clearwater III)

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Black Rock Bijou Theater

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Unknown Name

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Colourful Tarps On The Esplanade At Sacred Spaces

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Giant Like Like4Real (created by Dadara)

 (Duncan Rawlinson)
Artist Dadara cleans up after the giant Like burn.

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Penny The Goose (created by Mr and Mrs Ferguson)

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Char Wash (created by Christopher Schardt)

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My Wife Dorothy Rawlinson’s Bike In Motion

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Truth is Beauty At Night (created by Marco Cochrane)

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
The Line Monday Morning (arrived at 830 on playa got to camp at 330!)

See the rest of these photos here: (Duncan Rawlinson)
Heavily Loaded Vehicle

You can view these photographs and more on Facebook, Flickr, and

Thank you to all the burners for all your hard work, creativity, and generosity. Also thanks for allowing me to take your picture!

Thanks to the Burning Man Organization for sharing these photos on The Burning Man Facebook page and on the Burning Man Twitter account.

See you in the dust next year!

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*List of 2013 Black Rock City Honorarium Art Installations
*List of 2013 Black Rock City Art Installations


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  1. Julia Salinas Avatar

    Thank you kindly for sharing your wonderful photos with me as you sat in our office waiting for your ride. I’ll look on here every once in awhile to see your next adventure…

    1. Christi McGarry Avatar
      Christi McGarry

      Beautiful compilation and journey depicted through your photos. Thank you for this gift. The colorful tarps on edplanade are from a camp called sacred spaces :)

      1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

        Thank you. I updated the caption to reflect this.

    2. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      Hi Julia,

      Thanks for letting me kill time there. It was getting hot waiting in the RV!

    3. Sunny Avatar

      Really great photos and eye catching , thanks

  2. Big Mama Avatar
    Big Mama

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! These are great and such a breath of fresh air. I am also so glad to see the guy flying the quadcopter and the FPV thing! Those were everywhere! I have been feeling so WIERD out here in the “real world.” hahaha. This was my first burn and I will never be the same. Born and raised in Reno and never wanted anything to do with BM. What an ASS I was. Thanks again for sharing these…

  3. Dan G. Avatar
    Dan G.

    Thanx for the pix! Cheerz!

  4. Grant Kobashi Avatar
    Grant Kobashi

    Amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Julie Welch Avatar
    Julie Welch

    Bryan Tedrick is the artist for the Coyote….misspelled under photo. Love the photos, thank you for bringing me to BM when I could not make it.

      1. bryan tedrick Avatar

        refreshing to see my own work through a new playa photographer;your eye is becoming known so stick with it!
        -Bryan Tedrick

  6. Lorenzo Tlacaelel Avatar

    EXCELLENT photographs! A complete journey, one of the best collections I’ve seen! Thank you for taking us home who couldn’t make it this year. :-)

  7. Joanne Avatar

    What a great safe fun environment for people to just be themselves. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  8. Elektra Avatar

    Thanks for capturing and sharing! By the end of the album, I could almost feel the dust settling on my skin, the desire to attend burning deeper than ever!

  9. scowan Avatar

    Great pics. Thanks for bringing Burning man so close to us in pics……

  10. Candiace Avatar

    Beautiful pictures. The freedom and creativity seen is a beacon for people who think, feel and live out of the box… it’s a beacon for me anyway… And until I go I’ll be soaking up the vibes… Thanks for sharing.

  11. Dutch Avatar

    The peice in the forefront of the photo captioned as more amazing colorful art is the New York CORE project Star of the City by Adi Azulay

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      Thanks, I updated the post to reflect this.

  12. Rhianna Hobbs Avatar
    Rhianna Hobbs

    I usually make the pilgrimage from Australia to BM and this year I was not able to make it happen. Thank you for helping me experience it through your beautiful photos.

  13. Lorraine Avatar

    Beautiful pictures. Well done. Thank you so much for sharing. I couldn’t make it this year but the pictures made me feel like i was HOME :-)

  14. mick Avatar

    the fishing boat is the Gypsy Queen, from Asheville NC!

    the one called “Typical Scene on the Playa” is the amazing bay area art car The NeverWas Haul.

    great photos… thanks for taking me back!

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar


      Updated the post.

  15. jackie Avatar


    ps.. That game is SKEE BALL


  16. Teresa Avatar

    Thank you for taking and sharing these marvelous pictures. Your series really gives me a taste of the variety and spectacular creativity of the artworks, bikes, vehicles and attendees at this fiesta of joy. Thus it is a great pleasure to enjoy the spectacle at least virtually. Your photos provide a glimpse into another world. My generation were the flower children, yours the tribe of burning man. The spirit of freedom inspires both.

  17. Elizabeth Crawford Avatar
    Elizabeth Crawford

    Thank you for all the beautiful photos! My first time at Burning Man was awesome!

  18. Victoria Avatar

    Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing. This adventure has now jumped to the top of my bucket list.

  19. Kat Avatar

    The skee ball was actually named Riskee Ball.

  20. joel Avatar

    thanks for the amazing photos of this amazing event.

  21. Booka Avatar


  22. Paul Avatar

    The colorful tarps on Esplanade were above Sacred Spaces at 9:30 and Esplanade. :)

  23. Chico González Avatar

    WOWWW, that’s what happens when you put a great photographer in a great place! EXELENT WORK!!

  24. Abigail Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these photos!
    Really enjoyable to catch a glimpse of what its like on the playa.
    Would love to go out next year

  25. instigator Avatar

    thanks so much for capturing me dancing on the playa!!!! (i’m “playa dancer”) what a gift-amazing photos-takes me back:)

  26. Maxwell Alexander Avatar
    Maxwell Alexander

    Beautiful work! I need help finding the name of the artist in the “unknown artist” picture right after the “Discofish Art Car Scales Up Close”. Anything helps! thanks,

    Maxwell Alexander

  27. Langdon Avatar

    So it wasn’t a dream… Thanks so much for sharing these with us, Duncan! So much to see, so little actually seen, so much to remember…

  28. Cliff Dube aka Passport Avatar

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them. I’m still trying to learn how to properly work my camera so I too can capture some fantastic moments such as those that happen everywhere in Black Rock City. This was my first burn, and I can’t wait till the next one already! See u in the dust next time for sure! Much Love!!!!

  29. "Otter Dyson" Avatar
    “Otter Dyson”

    Thanks so much for the great pics! My girlfriend and I were attending our first burn this year. What an amazing experience. We had huge highs and some good lows and with that brought our relationship to a higher level with each of us experiencing the often felt (by new burners, we have now heard) inevitable mid week crash…..
    Loved the people. Loved the art. Love the community. What an amazing cross section of humans….doing what humans should do best……. enjoying and loving life, accepting all, being themselves without judgement or consequences and making memories.
    We are now back, settling in again after a few days of “decompression”……both of us have experienced the strangeness that comes with returning to “life” and “society” and such, even after just our first burn. There is a definite shift that occurs, something changed, a seed was planted. We feel blessed to have been able to experience this amazing gathering of interesting, entertaining, artistic, playful and just all out “crazy” human beings.
    Your pictures really capture the cross section of experiences that were to be had there. Some of the art we didn’t see, there was so much stunningly clever and imaginative pieces to take in!
    We are already making plans for return….
    Keep the flame alive…..
    K. Hansen

  30. Teddifish Avatar

    Gorgeous, inspiring photos! Thanks so much for sharing your art and theirs.

  31. Mister PG Avatar
    Mister PG

    Thank you for sharing your gift, the fruits of your talents, with all of us who could not be there this year. For a while there, while viewing the “dust party…” photo, I felt I was actually there.
    Thank you again.

  32. Amanda Furze Avatar

    GREAT photos…… was almost like being there again 4 years since my last burn.
    So much gratitude to you for sharing your playa journey.

  33. Fabiola Avatar

    Amazing!! Thank you!!

  34. James Stokes Avatar

    Thanks for sharing such an incredible photos. These are very very creative and perfect. Everything look like wonders. When I watch I felt I was there.

  35. David Hughes Avatar

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. We just gotta get ourselves over there.


  36. Pim Putter Avatar

    Wow, what a great photos. Brings back great memories. Missed half of it though.

    So nice to see more.



  37. Vrouwen Verleiden Avatar

    Hello, the art is just terric. Vrouwen Verleiden says yes!

  38. Bill Best Avatar
    Bill Best

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post these wonderful photos. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t take a single picture this year. Want to show my relatives what it was like, and your collection of photos is perfect. :)

  39. Veselin Varbanov Avatar
    Veselin Varbanov

    Grand :) ! We have Teknival here in Europe ( In Bulgaria from 20 years ) , but this fest is stunning ! Hope to see it live one day ! Greetings and thank you for the perfect pictures ! :)

  40. Maxxim Avatar

    beautiful pictures – thank you SOOO Much!!!

  41. Kat Avatar

    Wow, these photos are amazing! Burning Man looks like an alien invasion as imagined by an 80s scifi writer. Really want to go there now, but afraid of getting disappointed after seeing your stunning photography.

  42. Fernando e Silva Avatar
    Fernando e Silva

    No coment, just 7*

  43. David REID Avatar
    David REID

    What camera did you use and was it edited on a PC or a MAC?
    The pics have a clarity about them that is extraordinary. Interesting collection of pics to. Thanks for the time and effort put in for someone who has to go to BM.

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      5DMKII, Lightroom on a Mac.

  44. Craig Bennett Avatar

    Amazing set of pictures, thank you. This was my first ‘Burn’ and I can’t wait to make the trip over from London again next year :) happy days.

  45. Dr. Buddha Avatar
    Dr. Buddha

    These are amazing! Thank you for posting.

  46. Jen Avatar

    Thanks for these amazing pictures! This burn I made a point of never taking my camera because I wanted so much to be in the moment. i am so thankful for having an amazing photographer capture the burn like you did! Beautiful shots all around. :)

  47. Mar Avatar

    Great photography. Hopefully next year I can attend this event.

  48. Carol Maclaskey Avatar

    Just blissed out after looking at your photographs!! Didn’t make it to BM this year, but these made me feel as if I were there. Thanks so much.

  49. FALLEN ANGEL Avatar


  50. Magic Marty Avatar
    Magic Marty

    Thanks so much for the wonderful photos. What a wonderful eye you have! My 7th Burn and it is always new and somehow different each time.

  51. CeCe Avatar

    The bike with the super fat tire is called “Hoosier Daddy” and was conceived of and piloted by my good friend Al Brody. Thanks for the amazing photographs. They are breath taking!

  52. Frank Rodrick Avatar

    Damn but you are a great photographer! I know there are incredible sights to see there–but not everyone can capture the way you did. Very, very nice work.

  53. Berit Eide Ressem Avatar
    Berit Eide Ressem

    Thank you for the Pictures !
    Next year I will come !!!
    All the way from Norway :)

  54. Firetiger Avatar

    The photo above Super Street Fire is Riskee Ball, by Site 3 Fire Arts.

  55. Wauw terre Avatar

    I just saw all these beautifull pictures and I definitely fell in love with this place , it’ absolutely awsome , such beautifull people and such amazing art , I ‘ d love to come and experience the burning man , it’s ecstatic heaven on earth !!! I’m from Holland , Amsterdam and I live in France , I doubt being able to come over one day to experience all that I saw , long live the burning man and all artistic , creative beautifull people !!!!!

    1. Cynn Avatar

      I felt the same way. What a lovely bunch of crazy beautiful people. Hope I see you there :)

  56. Darren Miller Avatar

    These are awesome! Thank you!

  57. Meghan Avatar

    The fire ski ball game is called Riskee Ball by Site 3 coLaboratory (Charcade/Superstreet Fire).

  58. Empress Avatar

    Great work, Duncan! Amazing shots. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work in recording the event for those of us who didn’t bring their A-game cameras. :)

    A note on the “Cyborg Photographer With LED Light Panels At The Man” – that photographer is Eric Schwabel with his Human Lightsuit.

  59. Deni Avatar

    Realy great pics Man! Didn’t get to go this year, but I am so happy to see wonderful shots like yours. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Peace and Love

  60. kelley Avatar

    really lovely pics, the best collection i’ve seen yet, thanks so much for sharing!

  61. Jennifer Avatar

    Thank-you for sharing your beautiful photos – they capture the essence but I am pretty sure I still need to go to see this for myself!

  62. Anika Avatar

    Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing these! p.s The photo with the balloons in the dust is called “Singing Flowers” by Krystal Perkins and Colleen Pelech. Burning Man forever !!!

  63. Ann Wong Avatar
    Ann Wong

    Awesome photos!

  64. alain caron Avatar

    fantastique j aurai aimer etre parmis vous geniale fete quelque chose d imcroyable beaucoup de fantaisie,et de creativitee super!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Dion Avatar

    Incredible photos, thanx. It has always been a dream of mine to represent South Africa there.

  66. Quick Avatar

    Hey Duncan, These were a real treat to see– thanks for sharing! Dadara’s installation was called ‘Like For Real’ and that photo of the Control Tower was indeed at 3:00 and Esplanade. Roll on, dear photographer!

  67. Nick Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art. great photos!!!

  68. Duncan Avatar

    Amazing pictures, thank you for sharing

  69. Josie Avatar

    Thanks so much for these pictures!

    I’ve been looking into going to Burning Man one year (when I’m able to), and if anything’s made the decision for me, it’s this photo set! It looks like such a wonderful thing to experience!

  70. Jennjer Miller aka Mama Playa Avatar
    Jennjer Miller aka Mama Playa

    I have enjoyed your photos tremendously. I camped with Chop Shop at 9:30 and Airstrip. I know the name of your photo 038.jpg and it is the Life Cube, also the name of the game in default world of 051.jpg is Skee Ball.
    Thank you for sharing these amazing photos!!!
    Much Love and Many Blessings,
    Mama Playa

  71. Jesselynn Desmond Avatar

    We are the couple that got married at the church trap! If you have any other photos to send us, we would be eternally grateful! Our photographer that was shooting for us, ended up accidentally formatting his card and erased everything! I hope to hear from you with good news! THanks for sharing your lovely work! You have captured some really beautiful moments.

    Peace and Blessings,

    [email protected]

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      OMG! Yes I will email you asap!

  72. skeeter Avatar

    Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  73. johnpierre Avatar

    great pics. you really captured it. interesting compositions love the forward facing shadow on the photo chapel…. jp

  74. nir Avatar

    wow wow wow !

  75. Ingo Avatar

    Awesome photos Duncan!! Here are the ones I took (ovioulsy not as great as yours:-). They can be viewed here:!i=2761174269&k=9vVnCZK

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      Nice images! Thank you for sharing.

  76. Simon Shackleton Avatar
    Simon Shackleton

    Loved looking through these Duncan – absolutely beautiful – and it blows my mind each year how little I get to see.

  77. Louise Avatar

    Wow amazing thank you so much for sharing :)

  78. kes Avatar

    Thank-you so much!! Nice photos of everything. I only had my cell phone:( It is such a special event. Thank you for sparking some forgotten memories <3

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      I work hard on capturing the event so everyone else doesn’t have to. :)

  79. Egor Avatar

    Thank you! You made such a great job!
    Looking at these pictures bring me back to the Playa.
    Wish you lot of success!

  80. Gail Holthausen Avatar
    Gail Holthausen

    Fabulous 2013 photos!
    The red Dragon Art Car is ours. Her name is Spike.
    My Husband and I are the creators.
    Charlie and Gail Holthausen
    Thanks for the memories!
    Hope to see you again next year !!!

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      Great thanks I updated the post.

  81. Chloe Avatar

    Favourite set of photos I have seen come out of BRC this year! You captured so many installations many other photographers missed.
    Proof that everyone experiences a different burn.
    Thank you! <3

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

  82. David Thibert Avatar
    David Thibert

    Thank you for the amazing image Duncan. I’m the builder and the guy on the hood of KokoMotive. You captured the feeling with so many of your shots!

    1. Duncan Rawlinson Avatar

      Hi David,

      Thanks for stopping and letting me take your photo. The Kokomotive is awesome!

  83. Betty Avatar

    Wonderfull pictures of a wonderful festival, Love it !!!!

  84. Lisa Avatar

    Amazing photos! You have made me want to go to the next BM. It has got to be quite the experience! I can not imagine all the things that you didn’t get pics of, and those that were just not posted here. Amazing.