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Who Are You?

What is Duncan.co?

This website is mostly filled with photographs I’ve taken. Occasionally I post words too.

I believe everyone should have a website that they tend like a garden. The more people who share their knowledge, the better off we’ll be on this little spaceship planet of ours.

About Dorothy, Nina, James, And I

Here is a cartoon someone made of Dorothy and I:
Duncan and Dorothy

My wife Dorothy and I recently had our second child. His name is James Rawlinson.

Dorothy and I have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of travel. For the most part we travel and work as we go. Generally speaking we go somewhere and stay there for a while. When we get bored we go somewhere else. Some call this being location independent, or digital nomads, or full time travel. We don’t really care what it’s called, we just enjoy this lifestyle.

Dorothy and I are currently in the 1000 Islands.

Here are some of my photographs:

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