Anti Podcast Hype:

Listen to this: An Audioblogging Manifesto (MP3 4 mins)

It’s a response to all the podcasting and videoblogging hype that has been going on.  It speaks to some issues with podcasting, namely a podcaster’s inability to link, be indexed by Google, be skim read etc.  It’s worth thinking about from a podcaster’s/videoblogger’s perspective because it clearly points out the weaknesses of these two mediums.

I personally disagree with the idea that writing is the best way to make a site more interesting.  I can create much more interesting material from a film than I can from my writing.  My writing is terrible!  Terrible spelling and grammar.  That’s me!

I think the more people create podcasts/videoblogs or other rich media the more the you and I will only see the juicy bits (meaning the good stuff).  Let’s say I create a podcast about, hmm, lets say about podcasting and I call it "An Audioblogging Manifesto."  If its well written, interesting, or generally has something worthwhile to say this podcast will circulate around and will be filtered up by the blogosphere and brought to people’s attention.  It might end up on a very popular website and billions and billions of people will see it.  Yeah, Uh.  If I don’t create that piece of art nobody gets the chance to experience it.  Cause you know, it would be really juicy.

I like seeing videoblogs and listening to podcasts because people are doing it for the love and not the money.

Although, how can you argue with this?

"Just because you’re going to be able to do a real-time three dimensional high-definition interactive virtual reality fly-through of the inside of your cat – does that mean you should?  Does that mean it belongs on your website? This is not the legacy we want to leave!   So stop the ridiculous self indulgence, and shut up and write."

(The rest of the transcript here)

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  1. Doesn’t the whole transcript thing solve the very problem which he identifies in the first place?

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