Five Million Views On Flickr

I passed five million views on my Flickr account the other day.

In a word of virality and bazillions of views on things, 5 million may not sound like much but I appreciate each and every view. I like knowing that I have contributed to the internet.

So thanks for looking at my photos people of the internet!

(I’ve had a flickr account for 3961 days and the photos have been view 5,086,946 times. So that’s an average of 1284 views per day for almost 11 years. The internet is still amazing to me!)

How To Post to Flickr and Twitter at the Same Time


This post is ancient old (september 2009). The best way to do this now is IFTTT.

Tired of using Twitpic? Try this:

  1. Go to your email account settings on Flickr:
  2. Find the Flickr2Twitter upload email address.
  3. Now email a photo or video to your unique Flickr2Twitter email address and the photo will upload to Flickr and a tweet will be sent to twitter with a link to that photo on Flickr.

The Subject line of the email will be BOTH the Flickr photo title and the Tweet.

You’ve only got about 116 characters for your actual Tweet because the rest will be a short URL itself.

You may also want to check out your upload by email settings to make sure your tags and privacy settings are correct as well:

Word to the wise: Be aware of geolocation settings on your iPhone… Flickr automatically picks up the EXIF data in your photos so if you have location services on for photos on your iPhone they will automatically show up on your Flickr map… You wouldn’t want to tell everyone where you live!? Or would you…

Also if you want to migrate from Twitpic to Flickr use this Twitpickr. (limited to yur last 25 pics)

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How to see who is using your Flickr photos on the web

I license all my photographs under a Creative Commons attribution license. This means that people are allowed to do whatever they want with my images so long as they attribute me.

I like the idea of letting people use my 20 000 odd photos for whatever they need. My photographs have been used on some of the my favorite sites on the interweebs including; Wired, Engadget, Treehugger, The Guardian UK, and many more. It’s fun and I get a kick of out of it when I see someone using my photos.

So, if you want to find out who is using your photos a handy little trick is to use Technorati or Google Blog Search to see who is linking to your Flickr account.

On Google Blog Search (and Technorati but who uses that anymore?) just input the URL of your Flickr account into the search bar and hit enter:

This will only return results from people who are linking to your photos. If people are just taking your photos and using them with no attribution link you’re SOL.

Check out how much link love homey Kris Krug gets because his photography is amazing and he also put his schteeze under a creative commons license over here.

With Google Blog Search you can setup an alert if you’d like to be emailed when people use your photos. I prefer to just subscribe to the feed myself because I get enough BACN already as it is. This is old hat for the tech savvy kids but I thought I’d share it with you as well.

If you want to have your photos used as well I’d suggest:

If you want to find Flickr photos you can use for your own projects check out the creative commons flickr search:

*BTW, if you ask people to link to your site instead of your Flickr account this can improve your Google juice…

[cc logo by uploaded by drew baldwin | Fashion Photography | Kris Krug]