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iGoogle Theme
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iGoogle themes change depending on the weather in your area or what time of day it is. I think this is great design. It’s simple, elegant, and creative. I love it.

To see what I’m talking about go to Michael Sync’s site. He has most of the older themes listed.

Apple + Google Cloud Computing?

Fred Vogelstein writes:

I don’t typically join the gaggle of folks trying to guess what Steve Jobs’ next move is going to be, but for once I can’t resist. On Monday Jobs is taking the stage at Apple’s worldwide developers conference in San Francisco to do what he does best – tell us all about Apple’s latest products and reinforce his place as the most charismatic CEO on the planet. He’ll probably announced a new Ipod, tell us more about the iPhone etc etc. One announcement I’m almost sure of, however : A far reaching, cloud computing partnership with Google. Both companies have been hinting about it for months, and it makes perfect sense.

Apple should kill .mac and bundle it as a Google cloud storage system.

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Gmail Account Lockdown – BOO Google!

Gmail Lockdown

OK so this is frustrating. Google has locked me out of my own Gmail account for ‘unusual activity’. There is no explanation as to why and there is no human interaction at all. I just get is this huge error message when I try to login. They could handle this better by sending ‘bad’ people an email about why they think they’re account is being abused and move fromt there. This lockout system strikes me as very ‘evil’.

All of a sudden I trust Google a little less. If the digerati loses trust in GOOG than they have a serious problem.

UPDATE: I was locked out of my email for a full 24 hours. When I tried contacting Google they wouldn’t explain why I’d been locked out or how I could avoid it in the future.

It looks like I was still receiving email during that whole time. Given that, from now on all of my email is being auto forwarded to another dummy Gmail account and then to another dummy Yahoo account so I can get to email emails even if they prevent me from logging in.

Gmail System Status – Gmail Down Again

UPDATE: Google finally has a status page for Gmail here it is:

Gmail Down

It’s very annoying when my Gmail goes down…

Gmail status page:

“a percentage of our users seeing ‘Server Errors’ and ‘Oops’ messages when trying to log in to their Gmail accounts. We realize that many of you depend on Gmail to communicate and assure you that all hands are on deck to fix the error. While we do not have an exact time until resolution to offer, this is currently our top priority and we’ll continue to post updates as they become available.”