Gmail System Status – Gmail Down Again

UPDATE: Google finally has a status page for Gmail here it is:

Gmail Down

It’s very annoying when my Gmail goes down…

Gmail status page:

“a percentage of our users seeing ‘Server Errors’ and ‘Oops’ messages when trying to log in to their Gmail accounts. We realize that many of you depend on Gmail to communicate and assure you that all hands are on deck to fix the error. While we do not have an exact time until resolution to offer, this is currently our top priority and we’ll continue to post updates as they become available.”

Gmail Problems

Gmail Logo

I’ve been having issues with my Gmail account. From messages showing up in the ‘trash’ on their own to emails not sending at all. People are receiving some of my emails many hours after I sent them while other emails aren’t received at all. Even some of the items in my ‘sent’ folder aren’t actually sent! I think there should be an online status page for Gmail. Not unlike for Blogger…


UPDATE: Looks like they were listening!!!

Official Gmail Status Page

Nice work Google!

Auto Forward Gmail Photo Attachments to Flickr

As you probably already know I use Flickr to manage and archive all of my images. I usually get at least one email forward from friends or family with photos in it. Instead of downloading these attachments and re-uploading them to Flickr I’ve set up a filter in Gmail to auto forward all image attachments to my upload by email flickr address. Of course I set them all to private by default.

Now whenever someone sends me photos they get saved (privately) in my Flickr. Keep in mind the Flickr upload by email feature can be flaky and isn’t designed for huge files or large numbers of files. I also do the same thing for documents and spreadsheets except I use Google Docs instead of Flickr.

Google Reader is tha Shiz

Google Reader

In recent years the weeb has gone from an informational fire hose to a never ending binary tsunami. In order to deal with this I’ve been looking for the best RSS reader for some time now. I’ve gone from My Yahoo to Safari to Netnewswire to Kinja to Bloglines to Rojo and now to Google Reader. Google Reader isn’t even in beta and I still prefer it the rest.

The river of news interface is my favorite feature. As you scroll down it dynamically loads more information (standard reverse chronological order of a blog) from the feed or group of feeds. I have a “daily” tag/folder/label and this is the best page on the inkerweeb because it obviously matches my exact taste…

You can also quickly mix and mash your feeds and re-purpose the feed items as an link blog like this. It’s the easiest re-blogging imaginable. I’m sure they’re working a memetracker / memedigger view not unlike the Rojo Front Page or Techmeme etc.

Dump your opml into it and give it a go. They haven’t worked out all the kinks yet so don’t expect perfection. While you’re at it try the keyboard shortcuts.

Google Reader

Manage multiple email accounts in Gmail

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You can now choose the reply-to address in Gmail for your various email accounts. My public email account (the one I use to sign up for stuff etc) forwards all email to my private account. This new feature now allows me to choose what the reply to address will be for all my email accounts. So if someone sends an email to thelastminute(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I respond to that email from my private account I can choose what the reply-to address will be. If you forward other email accounts to your Gmail you’ll want to use this.