Gmail Rss Feeds

Google just added little mini rss feeds to gmail… Pretty weak if you ask me…

Just Launched!

Feed me
View your favorite RSS feeds right in Gmail as “Clips” along the top of your Gmail screen. Display clips from blogs, news sites and other online sources. Pick from the latest headlines, random popular feeds, or add any RSS/Atom feed you want. Learn more

Gmail offline


Cross my fingers?

There are advantages and disadvantages to free email systems like Gmail…

The disadvanages can be REALLY ANNOYING!

Gmail Accounts

Here are some gmail accounts for you all!


First come first served….

Free Gmail Accounts


The first five people to email me at thelastminuteATgmailDOTcom and give some constructive criticism with regards to this blog will get a gmail invite…  Constructive criticism meaning why this blog sucks, why its the best EVER you know, that kind of thing…

For all you uber nerds out there who already have gmail accounts it would be nice to hear from you as well…


I got yet another batch of gmail invites….

Let me know if you want one. Email me: