Google Planning to Roll Out E-Mail Service


Google Planning to Roll Out E-Mail Service claiming 1Gb of free email, killer spam filters, and a great new webmail interface. They’ll likely have Google ads attached to your messages, but I can’t wait to see it tomorrow (hopefully it’s not just an April Fools prank). VIA MEFI

You only need to read the first comment post on Slashdot to see why this Google Gmail thing won’t happen… Somehow I doubt Google could prevent the amount of abuse that will occur if this is a free system…

This is one of my favorite commens: “And in unrelated news, Google has won a multi-billion dollar contract with NSA for its cooperation in setting up and maintaining an “information storage and retrieval facility” dedicated to national security and total information awareness purposes…”

Check out the press release: Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail

If this is true I’m signing up for sure. No more stupid limits on your attachments etc… Google email would rule. April fools?? Maybe… This would be a costly service to maintain… 1 gig of storage space!? Hard to believe.

Read more at this ZDnet article