Graffiti Research Lab Season 1 DVD Torrent

I’m going to mirror the .iso here but it won’t be uploaded for a while. I’ll update when it’s up.

UPDATE: You can grab the iso of the DVD here. Do the usual right click download linked file thing… The file is almost 4 GB so it will take a while to download. You can burn the disk image or just mount it and watch it in your DVD player app. If you’re wondering Evan from GRL said it was cool to put this up. Enjoy.

UPDATE 2: Shit, my peeps are telling me the download isn’t working. Stanby while I upload this biznatch again.

UPDATE 3: Turns out Apache won’t let people download files larger than 2GB. So I’m uploading it in pieces for people to download. Stand by again!

UPDATE 4: The files are up. It had to be split into 4 pieces. You have to download them and then join them together in order for the .iso to work.

1 of 4 (right click save to your disk mofo ~1GB)
2 of 4 (right click save to your disk mofo ~1GB)
3 of 4 (right click save to your disk mofo ~1GB)
4 of 4 (right click save to your disk mofo ~1GB)

On a mac in the terminal navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files. Then use a command like this to join the 4 files together:

cat file1 file2 file3 file4 > newfile

Replace file1, file2, file3, and file4 with the names of the files you wish to combine. Replace newfile with a name for your newly combined single file.

In this case use something like this all as one line:

cat GRL_SUNDANCE_DVD.iso.part1-of-4 GRL_SUNDANCE_DVD.iso.part2-of-4 GRL_SUNDANCE_DVD.iso.part3-of-4 GRL_SUNDANCE_DVD.iso.part4-of-4 > GRL_SUNDANCE_DVD.iso

Once you’ve got the .iso file just mount it and watch or burn it to a dvd. Enjoy bitches.

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