Hootsuite iPhone App Review

hootsuite iphone app

Hootsuite.com is to Twitter what Gmail is to email. It’s like a swiss army knife for twitter. So if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it. It’s my favorite twitter client and it’s web based. You get all the benefits of the cloud and none of the BS that comes from traditional desktop software. IE software updates syncing between multiple computers etc etc…

The new Hootstuite iPhone App includes all of that functionality. The app is snappy, easy to use, and slick. It allows you to go between you mentions, DMs, etc with the swipe of the finger. Just like paging through your apps. It also has infinite scrolling ala Google Reader. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks as Ryan Holmes aka @invoker gave it to me to check out. You can get the app starting December 10th, 2009.


  • Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • It’s fast
  • It’s clean
  • The UI is very well done
  • It does stats


  • Initial setup wasn’t as simple as it could have been.

IMHO the Hootsuite iPhone app is the best twitter client for the iPhone.

[http://hootsuite.com/iphone“>Visit Hootsuite]

iPhone Tether

old school motorola

In 1993 I was thirteen years old. I was in a boarding school with no internet connectivity. There we’re no network connections in the dorm rooms. After reading about this new thing called the World Wide Web I really wanted to get online. I was rockin a Dell Pentium 120 with whopping 16MB of ram and 4GB of storage! She was a fast machine for her the time.

In order to connect I used an analog Motorola mobile phone tethered to an analog/digital converter box the size of a brick. I would then log into an ISP by dialing in using the phone. The connection was obviously extremely slow and flaky but I was tethering in 1993. That pretty much makes me a giant freakin nerd.

Fast forward to today….

iphone 3g

I now connect from wherever I want. I tether my mobile phone to my laptop using a wireless bluetooth connection and the 3g cellular network. My cell phone alone has more memory and processing power than my entire desktop computer in 1993. I can be working from anywhere that has cell phone connectivity. In fact I’m writing this from a cafe that doesn’t even have Wifi…

I suppose this is an example of Moore’s Law and Gilder’s Law working together hand in hand?

Here are some instructions on how to tether your iPhone 3g or 3gs:

How to use your iPhone as a modem:

  1. In Settings, choose General > Network > Internet Tethering.
  2. Slide the Internet Tethering switch to On.
  3. Connect iPhone to your computer:

Connect via USB: Connect your computer to iPhone using the Dock Connector to USB cable. In your computer’s Network services settings, choose iPhone. On a Mac, a pop-up window appears the first time you connect, saying “A new network interface has been detected.” Click Network Preferences, configure the network settings for iPhone, then click Apply. On a PC, use the Network Control Panel to select and configure the iPhone connection.
Connect via Bluetooth: On iPhone, choose Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Then refer to the documentation that came with your computer system software to pair and connect iPhone with your computer.
When you are connected, a blue band appears at the top of the screen. Tethering remains on when you connect with USB, even when you aren’t actively using the Internet connection.

Check your cellular data network usage:
In Settings, choose General > Usage.

[iPhone how tos]

How To Email Full Resolution iPhone Photos

iphone 3.0 screenshot

Just wanted to share this quick little iPhone tip with you guys. Normally when you send photos the iPhone resizes them and makes them small and crappy…

To send iPhone photos in their full resolution (highest quality) just do this:

  1. Launch the Photos application on your iPhone. Tap on Camera Roll.
  2. Tap on the “arrow” in the bottom left corner. Highlight images you want. Tap Copy.
  3. Exit Photos and launch Mail. Compose a new email. Click and hold in the body of the email, let go and tap Paste.

Voila you are now emailing full resolution iPhone photos from your phone…

Grab your Flickr upload email address for simple Flickr uploading.

2007 the world takes over the computer

Bruce Sterling Chips With Everything
graphic by martin lorenz @ TwoPoints.net

Bruce Sterling has written yet another interesting little piece. It’s super short and really fascinating. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve’s ultracapable iPhone, whose screen can be squinched with your fingertips as if it were Play-Doh, bids fair to become Apple’s “remote control for reality.” With the Web in your purse or pocket, applied to physical reality via Google mapping services, you own the ultimate Reality Distortion Field! For Gates, the computer is transforming itself into Microsoft on wheels, a Zune that walks: with brand-new software supporting Microsoft for Robots, a PC can ramble all over your house photographing, scanning, listening, grabbing, and gripping—maybe even fetching a beer! Where does Microsoft’s Wireless Robot want to go today?

[Chips With Everything by Bruce Sterling]