Music Video: Sufjan Stevens + Grass Collective

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I combined some footage I found on the inkerweeb with a song and made this little music video for you. The footage comes from a company called Grass Collective. They sell ambient video (on dvd) for your wall mounted flat screen. The song is called Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL by Sufjan Stevens.

You can download the high res version of this footage from the Grass Collective site: Part 1 91 MB zip and Part 2 146 MB zip.


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20D Movie

Rasko Ristic in Patryk Rebisz’s Between You and Me.

The entire film Between You and Me was shot using a digital still camera (Canon 20D) in burst mode.  The film has a brilliant concept and amazing execution.  You can watch it here and read more about it here.

If the idea of shooting a movie on a Canon 20D sounds familiar you’re probably thinking of the timelapse my friend Hugh thought up back in FebruaryYou can see the one we shot here.

btw check out Hugh’s slick ass demo reel while you’re at it.