Motion Graphics on DVD

Stash10_trailerscreenIf creating motion graphics floats your boat you should check out Stash Media.   They put out a monthly DVD video compilation of the raddest motion graphics you’ve ever seen.   You can subscribe to it like a magazine and they’ll arrive in your snail mail box…   Check out the trailer for the   issue 12.   Pretty slick stuff!

Lets all pretend like we care together!

I had mixed feeling about that whole Live8 thing.  It must have been the celebrities wearing huge diamonds while they pretend to care about poverty.  I’m just as lazy as the next guy so a concert that makes us all feel good about being lazy togther and pretending we all care rubs me the wrong way because I’m just as guilty as everyone else.  Sarah McLachlan’s World on Fire video may or may not be an example of this.  I’d like to believe she actually cares but the cynic in me doesn’t buy it.  I posted this a while back but thought it was worth mentioning again because I love this and hate this all at once.