How To Have Continuous Podcast Playback in iTunes

Ever find it annoying that iTunes stops playing after playing one podcast? What if you want to listen to Hype Machine or some other podcast with a bunch of short clips one after the other? Heres my solution:

Just create a smart playlist of podcasts like this:

Continuous Podcast Playback

Now the ‘podcasts’ videos mp3s etc will playback continously.


Some video blog stats


The most awesome folks at vlogmap | vlog map | video blog map and Lean Back Vids put together a list statistics for Video Blog RSS feeds using the Feedburner Awareness API.  The below statistics basically show you how many people are watching a given video blogger’s feed over the last 6 months.  I’m not a video blogger per se so I’m stoked that I’m even on the list.  I had no idea that many people we’re watching my feed.  More juicy nerdiness over at VlogMap.  These stats are limited to people who have Feedburner Awareness API thing enabled.

FeedBurner ID Circulation Hits
1 MichaelVerdi 32777 191486
2 mmeiser-blog 31671 171951
3 SteveGarfieldsVideoBlog 27737 147757
4 RyannesVideoBlog 27497 135534
5 ericricevideo 26599 143603
6 Karmagrrrl 25033 236366
7 Momentshowing 24140 107035
8 dylanverdi 21448 118884
9 SecretVlogInjection 18916 85406
10 TheLastMinute (yay me!) 18500 181938
11 thevoiz 15712 75741
12 thisorthat-video 14655 91735
13 joshleo 14364 81568
14 TheBlogOfGabeGabe 13163 88045
15 Dltqvlog 12796 53062
16 annievideo 12533 86472
17 Hello 12114 45886
18 ChrisKoehnsVideoBlog 11110 42850
19 lofistl 11105 49436
20 thisrevolution 9423 53644
21 AntiUpsTheAnte 9072 85804
22 MinnesotaStories 8371 35456
23 IMakeThings 8345 69275
24 diaryofafauxjournalist 7626 46506
25 clintsharp 7555 78666
26 xolotv 7377 35797
27 29DaysToShowTheWorld 7085 35395
28 EchoplexPark 5971 33956
29 BigTimeTV 5726 30216
30 leanbackvids 5362 29156
31 nordark 5251 29145
32 Luxomedia 5158 30913
33 clarksworld 5123 23796
34 Apperceptions 5095 31949
35 Jonnygoldsteincom 5069 25698
36 zudfunck 5046 41656
37 ModernSingleDad 4860 38684
38 JoelArt 4784 25829
39 BottomUnion 4780 29623
40 bitlabmalmo-video 4695 29777
41 AlexandersVideos 4548 24354
42 The05Project 4363 62980
43 ChrisDanielsVideoBlog 4349 28815
44 symbiopsychotaxiplasm 4271 33123
45 kellybelly 4053 28585
46 richardshow 3882 19773
47 LeGarage 3798 41956
48 WeAreTheMedia 3741 23420
49 tilt 3672 28453
50 TaylorStreetStudio 3491 25145

syndicated me (us)

Doesn’t it seem like text posts seem so quaint these days? It’s been a while since I did a regular old fashioned blog post so here’s some stream of consciousness for those of you who care. I was just thinking about how this site has changed over time. My presence online has gone from “my personal internet web page” to a full blown syndicated multimedia stream. In the beginning my brother and I made some web pages that only exist now as digital archeology in the waybackmachine. My sites we’re so crappy but I learned quite a bit from it. I can still remember my brother showing me FTP before most people had even heard of this new thing called “electronic mail”. Websites we’re hard to make and pretty boring for me so I stopped making them. My brother started his career as a web designer and this launched him into other things. But he has also since started blogging again.

I eventually got back into making websites when my friend Bill showed me Blogger in September of 99. I made some sites which have also long since expired and completely disappeared. Then finally I decided I was going to have a blog for good. So I made with blogger because it was finally easy to maintain a site over time. At this point the blog has evolved (or de-evolved) from political link sharing, to anti bush whateverness, to personal journaling, to even more link sharing, to videoblog / video filtering. The current phase of (d)evolution of this site is syndicated me. The content has been ripped mixed and burned away from the format/design of the site and injected into one stream. With one feed you can passively/automagically obtain all the the text posts I’ve created, any video blogs I’ve made or linked to, any music I’ve linked to, and any photographs I’ve taken. All of that from one feed!

If you don’t understand any of that just think of this. My feed is like a picture frame. You go and put that frame on your wall (subscribe to my feed) and the content of that picture frame changes from my words, to my pictures, to my music, to my video, whenever I update it. You don’t have to do anything other than put the frame on your wall. You can also paint on this frame or write your own words in response to whatever it is that I’ve put there. Tell that to Guttenberg!

But you don’t care about any of that stuff… You want videos, podcasts, and interesting stuff to read while you pretend to be work. So put my feed into your aggregator, whether its Bloglines, Fireant, iTunes or whatever. Plug it in, lean back/forward and enjoy the juicy media that comes out the feed.

Totally unrelated: I woke up this morning at 4AM and went down to the local wifi watering hole. It’s a strange crowd up and about at this time of night. It’s like the core finance dudes getting up for the market on the east coast and homeless people being woken by the sun and the Jaguars. I like to think successful people get up early.

Video Blogs in iTunes 4.9

Video_blog_in_itunesNerds: (me) Want to know how to plug an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures (videoblog) into iTunes and watch them there?  FireAnt is the best video aggregator and it’s far more useful than this but I still think it’s cool that you can even do this…  Pete from Tinkernet figured this out and wrote the following:

In iTunes 4.9 go under the ‘Advanced’ menu to ‘Subscribe to podcast…’ and paste in the URL of your feed.  It’ll do it’s iTunes magic and show you the feed, and start to download the most recent item and display the rest of the items.  Under the ‘Edit’ menu make sure you select ‘Show Artwork’ to display the part of iTunes that usually shows cover art.  In the little row of buttons on the bottom left of the iTunes window, the last one on the right will show the video playing in full-screen mode.

I hope that makes sense… (Anyone wanna do a screencast of this?)

UPDATE:  I made a really crappy screencast of this. (300 k file)  I compressed it down way too much but it does the trick…