Lets all pretend like we care together!

I had mixed feeling about that whole Live8 thing.  It must have been the celebrities wearing huge diamonds while they pretend to care about poverty.  I’m just as lazy as the next guy so a concert that makes us all feel good about being lazy togther and pretending we all care rubs me the wrong way because I’m just as guilty as everyone else.  Sarah McLachlan’s World on Fire video may or may not be an example of this.  I’d like to believe she actually cares but the cynic in me doesn’t buy it.  I posted this a while back but thought it was worth mentioning again because I love this and hate this all at once.

Gmail offline


Cross my fingers?

There are advantages and disadvantages to free email systems like Gmail…

The disadvanages can be REALLY ANNOYING!

Post comments OR DIE!

Why don’t you post comments on blogs?  You know who you are Mr. and Mrs. closet reader.  I’ve asked people I know about why they don’t ever post comments on blogs and some typical excuses include:

I don’t have anything to say.
My response: If you don’t have anything to say about anything you’ve got serious problems.  If you don’t have a comment relating to the topic at hand you might as well say something to show that you’re reading.

I don’t want the whole world to see what I wrote.
My response: Why would you care about that?  Look at me, I post poorly written half baked stuff on my blog all the time.  Who cares about what people think!!  It’s just fun to exchange ideas and to learn about the world even if it’s not the most eloquent of bros before prose.

I’m too busy to post comments on these so called blogs.
My response: If you were so busy you wouldn’t be looking at the blog in the first place.  Also, it takes all of three seconds to post a comment.

I’d rather remain anonymous.
My response: So then post a comment and don’t use your real name you retard.

I have better things to do than post comments on your crappy blog.
My response: We all have better things to be doing but since you’re already reading this you might as well participate.

Dinosaur_blogPeople should chime in to make a statement or least to say hello.  Otherwise what the hell is the point of blogs?  Blogs are about the two way exchange of information.  Are you just so used to being told how you’re going to consume your media that you find posting comments strange or awkward?  If you don’t want to participate in the process go back to reading the dinosaur blogs.