Vancouver Marathon 2007

A while back I was told by some therapists that I had a clinical depression. For some reason they we’re all quick to suggest I start taking medication. I’m kind of against that type of thing so I thought that was a terrible idea. Of course a few months later I found myself medicating with food. I was eating an entire jug of ice cream every day. Yuk! Long story short I went about fixing the problem the old school way, by eating properly and exercising.

On January 1st of this year I stopped medicating myself with junk food and started getting active. I started running with my friend Rick. At first we we’re running for the exercise. Eventually we decided to set a goal of running the half marathon together. We registered for the race and started training. We’d go out rain or shine every second day. At first I couldn’t run for more than about 15-20 minutes at a time even at a slow pace. With Rick’s help I got stronger and faster and the depression bullshit slowly faded away.

Fast forward to today. Rick and I just finished our first half marathon! W00t! We had a great time at the race. Who knew that running with 6000 people could be so fun?! Unfortunately Rick had crazy stomach problems during the race so he didn’t do as well as he would have liked. He was running for his life to find a toilet several times during the race… As a result Rick’s time doesn’t reflect his mad running skillz.

Rick came 1092 out of 5834 people and had a time of 1h 51m 29s. I came in 1111 out of 5834 people and had a time of 1h 51m 42s.

Here are some photos my sister shot during the event.

Rick and I are going to do the full marathon next year…

Thanks for the support Rick!

[more videos here | see also fitness 2.0]

Vancouver Half Marathon 2007 Full Results
Vancouver Marathon 2007 Full Results