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What does $456 billion buy? – The cost of the Iraq War

“According to World Bank estimates, $54 billion a year would eliminate starvation and malnutrition globally by 2015, while $30 billion would provide a year of primary education for every child on earth.

At the upper range of those estimates, the $456 billion cost of the war could have fed and educated the world’s poor for five and a half years.”

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this is the source.

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24 Hours of Flickr

24 Hours of Flickr is Today

What happens around the world in one day? In a word – life. Here on Flickr, our members are sharing the world that they see: capturing daily moments, recording history, telling stories, capturing beauty.

To celebrate this global community, we invite you to join us in “24 Hours of Flickr”, a day-long global photo project. On May 5, 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures.

Join the “24 Hours of Flickr” group to get ready for the big day. After the big day, post your best photo to the group. We’d love to see the group photos on a map as well, so make sure you add your photos to the map using the Organizr.

Remember! We want the “24 Hours of Flickr” group to illustrate one day in the life of the Flickr community. Please do not post pictures unless they were taken on May 5, 2007. You’ll have until May 21 to add your photo.

The event will be commemorated by a companion “24 Hours of Flickr” book, which will contain a selection of photographs chosen from the group. Additionally, the group’s photos will be featured at Flickr events around the world this summer.

By adding your photo to this group, you understand that it may be selected for publication in the “24 Hours of Flickr” commemorative book and/or displayed at a Flickr-sponsored event this summer.

24 Hours of Flickr