Cool Tools

Derek Sivers/now page idea was a great idea. This page extends that concept to a /CoolTools page. (inspired by KK)

Current Hardware

Maxed out Mac Studio Ultra and Multiple Studio Displays – “Computers” are solved for me for several years. Thing flies.
Multiple Sony Mirrorless Cameras – Sony is doing incredible things in cameras these days.
Synology NAS – Store all teh things!
EcoFlow Delta Pro – Portable power is very handy. Heavy though.
I converted an old gigantic vintage dinning room table into a large standing desk with this in my home office. You can buy just the legs of a standing desk here. Works great!
CyberPower UPS – Save devices from power outages.
Professional Tool Storage System from Rigid – Favourite packout system to store all teh things.
Starlink Residential – Useful if you live in a remote area like me.
Starlink for RV – Useful on the road in my RV.

Here is perhaps the coolest tool of them all, a tool to help others! is a non-profit platform facilitating crowd-funded microloans to entrepreneurs and students in underserved communities worldwide. Check it out!

Current Software

Current Hosting

Travel Related

  • Airbnb – More interesting than hotels.
  • Uber – Better than taxis.
  • Tesla – Amazing vehicles.


  • Athletic Greens – I have been taking this stuff for a while. Feels good.

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links which means I get paid if you buy stuff here. It costs you nothing and it will likely even save you money.

Page last updated May, 2023.