“Flowing Insights” by Duncan Rawlinson is a compelling series that showcases the seamless fusion of artificial intelligence with the art of photography, creating a new paradigm in visual aesthetics. Each image is a celebration of digital artistry, where the structured world of algorithms meets the fluid creativity of the human spirit.

The sculptures captured in these images are characterized by their dynamic sweeps and graceful curves, which are highlighted by the strategic use of lighting and shadow. This interplay creates a sense of depth and movement, making each piece appear as if it is in constant, serene motion. Rawlinson’s innovative technique crafts a narrative of design and detail that invites contemplation, revealing more with every viewing.

In “Flowing Insights,” we are offered a glimpse into the potential of hybrid art forms, where technology amplifies human expression, resulting in a body of work that resonates with the complexity and elegance of the digital age.


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