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In Duncan Rawlinson’s arresting capture, the sky over the illustrious Boldt Castle transforms into an astral canvas of radiant hues, under the spell of Independence Day fireworks. The castle, a timeless symbol of architectural grandeur, serves as the perfect backdrop to this incandescent spectacle, it’s spires reaching up as if trying to touch the stars born of fire.

The fireworks, meticulously choreographed by Majestic Fireworks, Inc., explode in a riot of colors, their reflections dancing on the river’s surface. They cast a fantastical glow that redefines the nighttime panorama, their fleeting brilliance captured in an eternity by the click of Rawlinson’s shutter.

Around the edges of the frame, silhouettes of boats pepper the landscape, their twinkling lights a terrestrial echo of the skyward spectacle. The presence of these vessels, some privately owned, others ferrying excited spectators from various tour companies, adds a human scale to the grandiosity of the scene, a testament to the collective awe inspired by the display.

The image, while a beautiful visual testament to the annual event sponsored by the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce, serves as more than a keepsake. It is a tribute to the shared moments of celebration, the joy of freedom, and the vibrant community spirit of Independence Day.

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