What I’m Doing Now

I’m in the 1000 Islands, trying to stay focused, and avoid distractions.

I spend most of my time on these things:

Those are my priorities right now. I don’t really want to do anything else at the moment. If you ask me to do other things I will say no. Nothing against being asked I just have to keep my priorities straight. No weddings or parties. That stuff is just not for me right now.

One of things I do to contribute to the internet is share my images with the world so please go have a look. My photographs are all licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons license. So you can use them for NonCommercial purposes just be sure to attribute them to me and link back to Duncan.co wherever they are used.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was Feb 21, 20189.

You should make your own /now page if you have a website. If you don’t have a website you should make one. This page was inspired by the incredible Derek Sivers: http://sivers.org/nowff

Check out the new Now Now Now page at nownownow.com!