• Frozen Canyon

    Duncan Rawlinson’s “Frozen Canyon” combines photography and artificial intelligence to create a serene, snow-covered landscape. The piece highlights the stark beauty and isolation of a remote, icy terrain, blending natural wonder with digital techniques.


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  • Ephemeral Blossom

    Duncan Rawlinson uses contemporary photography combined with artificial intelligence imaging techniques to explore latent spaces in “Ephemeral Blossom.” This artwork captures the delicate and fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms adorned with dew, creating a serene and peaceful moment that reflects the transient nature of such moments.


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  • Liminal Float

    “Liminal Float,” created by Duncan Rawlinson, explores the latent space through contemporary photography and artificial intelligence imaging techniques. The image captures a serene, surreal moment of tranquility, where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur into a vibrant and peaceful scene. Through this blend of modern photography and AI, Rawlinson invites viewers to experience the mysterious and reflective nature of this tranquil space.


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  • Astral Conqueror

    Duncan Rawlinson’s ‘Astral Conqueror’ blends contemporary photography with artificial intelligence imaging techniques to explore the vast expanse of human imagination. This image features a futuristic spaceship navigating the cosmos, embodying the dreams and adventures of space exploration. Through this fusion of mediums, Rawlinson visualizes a child’s fantastical vision of interstellar travel, bridging reality with the creativity unleashed by AI.


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  • Riders on the Edge

    Created by Duncan Rawlinson, this work explores the intersection of photography and artificial intelligence imaging techniques. “Riders on the Edge” combines elements of a graphic painting, digital art, and traditional photography to depict cowboys riding along a canyon’s edge, using deep reds and browns. This piece reflects a modest approach to integrating various artistic mediums, aiming to convey a quiet sense of adventure and exploration.


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  • Childhood Visions

    Duncan Rawlinson created this image using a blend of contemporary photography and AI techniques. The work explores the latent space, presenting a vivid and imaginative urban landscape with advanced vehicles. The fusion of modern aesthetics and artificial intelligence results in a unique and compelling vision of the future.


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  • Stone Dream Portals

    Duncan Rawlinson uses contemporary photography and AI techniques in “Stone Dream Portals.” This piece shows a landscape with floating rock formations and a solitary tree, creating an abstract scene. Rawlinson combines traditional and digital art to make this visual work.


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  • Creators of the Simulation

    This work by Duncan Rawlinson showcases an exploration of the latent space using contemporary photography and artificial intelligence imaging techniques. The image portrays futuristic beings, the creators of our simulated reality, immersed in a world of advanced technology and digital artistry. The use of AI enhances the sci-fi aesthetics, creating a visual representation of an alternate reality driven by holographic imagery and virtual environments.


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  • Relics of a Lost Civilization

    Relics of a Lost Civilization is a series by Duncan Rawlinson that delves into the latent space between contemporary photography and artificial intelligence imaging techniques. These images reveal the remnants of an ancient, advanced civilization on a remote exoplanet. The colossal ring, glowing forest pyramid, hidden triangle, and split dome showcase the immense scale and profound mystery of a society that once harnessed great power but vanished under unknown circumstances. Through this series, Rawlinson captures the haunting beauty and enigmatic legacy of these lost structures, inviting viewers to reflect on the civilization’s achievements and mysterious end.


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  • July 4th 2024 Fireworks At Boldt Castle

    Click the image to view at full resolution. 680 Megapixels – 32000 × 21334 pixels ~325MB

    Duncan Rawlinson captures the sky over Boldt Castle lit up by Independence Day fireworks on July 4th 2024. The castle, an iconic piece of architecture, provides a stunning backdrop to the fireworks.

    The display by Majestic Fireworks, Inc. paints the night with vibrant colors, reflecting on the river below. Silhouettes of boats with twinkling lights add depth, highlighting the collective excitement of spectators.

    The event was run by the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce and the image celebrates the shared moments, joy, and community spirit of Independence Day.


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    Cell phone video I shot of this: