The Race Of Gentlemen 2019 Photos

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Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring 02

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Chromosphere During Total Solar Eclipse

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I just had the pleasure of viewing legendary Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s Anthropocene exhibition on the very last day. I came away from the exhibition tremendously inspired as a photographer.

Mr Burtynsky’s images look so perfect they almost appear three dimensional. The prints are all very large and incredibly sharp. There is so much detail in every image that you feel magnetically drawn into the work. I felt like a tractor beam was pulling me into each image as I examined each photograph in detail.

Every single image was good enough to stand on it’s own and yet they also somehow worked stunningly well together. I suppose that is a testament to the amount of work put into the curation of the exbition beyond just the work itself…

I think the work will stand the test of time. From the color, to the composition, to the unique subject matter, I mean the entire thing just sings. This work will be top of mind for quite some time for me personally. I actually think these images will stay with me forever.

While strolling through the exhibit I couldn’t help but dream about being 64 and showing my work like this. That is something to aspire to for sure. I have 25 years until I’m Mr Burtynsky’s age so I better get to work! Seriously though, it is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to achieve anything even remotely close to this but it’s good to have goals. Having goals like this is one of the greatest things about photography, you just never stop learning. I suspect My Burtynsky is also on his own path of continuous learning.

Beyond the photographs it was also wonderful to see Mr. Burtynsky (and team) pushing the frontier with their Augmented Reality pieces. I found the AR app itself to be a bit cumbersome but the overall experience was certainly interesting. I suspect all mobile operating systems will just natively support AR triggers in the future. That would make the experience much more seamless.

Now taking my photographer hat off for a moment… I also found the subject matter of the exhibition to be deeply disturbing. Bearing witness to the destruction of spaceship earth was shocking and a bit disheartening. Seeing what we are doing to our planet was hard to take. Especially given that I’m more to blame for my impact than the average person given my affluent western lifestyle. It was a good reminder that I need to do more in my own life to help address these issues. We all have to take responsibility for this place we call home.

Here are a few handheld snapshots from the exhibit.

These images we’re shot on February 24th, 2019 at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

If you ever have the chance to see some Edward Burtynsky’s work DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Learn more about the work here:


After I posted this on my website I tweeted about it and Mr. Burtynsky replied! See below. (I am totally fangirling out over here… He just made my day!)

Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring

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Burning Man 2018 Photos

Burning Man 2018 photos by Duncan Rawlinson

There are roughly A TRILLION PHOTOS on this page. Some images are NSFW. Please be patient while this bloated bandwidth behemoth of a page loads. Maybe go have a coffee and come back when it’s done loading? Actually maybe go exercise your scroll finger. You’re gonna need it.

Here are my Burning Man 2018 Photos!
All of my Burning Man images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license. If you share them you must attribute the photographs to me by name and link to You can’t sell them or make money from them in any way whatsoever. That includes advertising on a website.

I tried my best to caption every single image correctly. All 1,111 of them. If you know what the correct caption should be please comment at the very bottom of this post waaaaaay down there or email me directly and I’ll update this post accordingly.

This was first published October 12th, 2018 at 11:11AM EDT. I will be updating this post with the correct captions, typos, and corrections as they come in. If the captions don’t make sense it’s because the image titles aren’t appearing on this post correctly yet. I’m trying to fix that. (If you happen to know how to get image titles to display in a wordpress post contact me!)

Update 1: October 12th Added Flickr and links.
Update 2: October 12th Added Reddit thread link.
Update 3: October 12th Updated some captions.
Update 4: October 13th Updated captions on 0861, 0619, 0693, 0433, 1077, 0298, 0261, 0275, 0302-0307, 0296, 0214, 1020, 1033, 1056, 1057, 0676, 0118-0123, 0321, 0351, 0385, 0498, 0516, 0577, 0256, 0670.
Update 5: October 17th Updated captions on 0415, 0838, 0180, 0618, 0112, 0264, 0392-0394, 0499, 0500, 0914-0918, 0378, 0379, 0294, 0295, 0518, 0525, 0532, 0685, 0535, 0579.

The images are in chronological order.

Burning Man 2018 was certainly a great burn. People have been saying it may have been one of the greatest burns ever. IMHO every burn is so unique that trying to rank them is a fools errand. Regardless, it was an incredible event. Everything seemed to go right from the weather to all the builds. During the ten days I was on playa I shot 13,323 images in total. That works out to roughly 1,300 photos per day at a rate of 1 photo per minute for 240 hours straight. To give you an idea of how silly that is, if I spend 5 seconds looking at each image it takes 18 hours non-stop. And that’s just to look at them for five seconds each. I had to decide which ones don’t work and which ones might. In other words, the amount of time it has taken me to shoot, cull, process, keyword, and publish this gallery is completely absurd. I’ve gained 10 pounds staring at the computer processing them all. It has taken me every spare moment I’ve had since I left the playa and I love it. It’s how I decompress. It’s just been a lot and I’m spent.

Why do I do this?
When I hear my alarm clocks at 3:30AM every morning at the burn I ask myself that question. Why THE HELL am I doing this? It takes me a couple minutes to remember that it doesn’t even matter why in that moment. I know I have to just do the work right now. I can think about it later. Do the work right now. Do the work right now. Do the work RIGHT NOW. Burning Man is such a fleeting bit of magic that I know I have to get to work right this instant. The complete mental and physical exhaustion is part of it. So if I just do the work right now everything else takes care of itself. So why do I do this? I do it because it makes me happy. I feel present, connected, and happy when I’m out shooting the burn. I’m glad I did the work. I’m pleased to know that maybe you’ll find the photos interesting or useful or delightful. Who knows, if I’m lucky these images will bring a little bit of that wonderful Burning Man feeling wherever you are.

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These photos are also on Flickr and should you want a different viewing experience.

Reddit thread.


Click on the photo to see it at full resolution. Be gentle please my server is getting absolutely crushed right now… Here is a playlist to listen to while viewing the images.

0001 – I feel like I always see this one on the way in.

0002 – Not having license plates is probably a good way to get pulled over.

0003 – …Look at the guy in the RV passing. That is a blind hill pass in an RV. Please calm the fuck down and don’t pass. If you’re on your way to Burning Man you’re not in a rush by definition. I don’t care how late your project is, reckless driving isn’t worth it. Sorry had to rant there a little. My bad.

0004 – We stopped and had a look around.

0005 – Burning Man is exhausting because barrage of stimulation begins long before you even get to the playa. Your brain has to deal with it all. Like what is this lovely man on the roof doing? Setting up to play live music I guess?

0006 – This person insisted I make this photograph. She also pretty much forced us to try on her wares. Good sales techniques but I wasn’t interested.

0007 – Where the gravel turns into playa.

0008 – Perhaps someone can explain why this year’s sign is also a bigass potable water tank? I’m sure there is a good reason but I can’t figure out what it is.

0009 – Slow down people. Slow down.

0010 – Make Burning Man Great Again?

0011 – Was quite dusty on our way in on August 24th.

0012 – Just my people waiting to enter Burning Man. I love meeting people in line. Like this burner who goes by the playa name Happy. She was the best and we had a moment.