July 4th 2019 Fireworks At Boldt Castle

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Here is a video of the fireworks. One particularly interesting part of this video is when the big ship goes by around the 10:50 mark. Apologies for the tight framing in the video. I forgot the wider lens for my video camera but figured I would post this just in case anyone wants to see this.

Canada Day Fireworks 2019

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Ottawa Skyline Panorama

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Click the image to see at full resolution. The jpg file is about 225 MB. The image is roughly 335 Megapixels. (38376 x 8720)

Fireworks in Ottawa

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July 4th 2018 Fireworks At Boldt Castle

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Here is a video:

Canada Day Fireworks 2018

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Downtown Toronto Fireworks

This was the closing of the Pan Am Games in Toronto. It was also the closing of a chapter in my life. We moved away from Toronto shortly after this.

I shot this in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 26th, 2015.

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