Portland Interchange

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Food Simulator

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Crows At The Beach

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Tree Stumps At Phillips Lake Reservoir

I couldn’t help but think of this place as some kind of post apocalyptic ruin where tires are discarded and we’re running out of water. This was a very strange place.

Photo taken at Union Creek Campground, Oregon, USA, September 19th, 2014.

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Humbug Mountain State Park Beach

Photo taken in Humbug Mountain State Park, Oregon, USA, September 9th, 2014.

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XOXO 2014 Gifs and Cell Phone Pics

Instead of carrying around a bulky “real” camera this year, I was lazy and shot a bunch of photos with my phone.

Here are way too many photos and gifs that I took on my phone at XOXO 2014. They’re not as sharp as they should be due to a scratched (glitched?!) lens…

They’re all Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial images. Just attribute them to me and link back should you use these for something.

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