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Double Rainbow Over The Saint Lawrence River

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Morning Dew On Grass

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Monument Valley Sunset In The Rain

Monument Valley Sunset In The Rain

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This photograph was one of those ones where you have to suffer a little bit. I was standing out in the rain getting absolutely drenched. It was actually quite cold at this moment and the wind was just ripping through here. Everyone else had sought refuge inside their vehicles or had gone inside. It paid off though because a rainbow appeared for about 15 seconds and I was the only person in the area at the time who was out and shooting. Just glad I was ready.

Sunrise 1000 Islands


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Sweeping Rain And Relaxed Swimmers

Whilst walking on the beach I noticed these amazing sweeping rain clouds. There was also a small group of ladies casually floating around in the water. They looked so peaceful and may have even been sleeping because the ocean water is so warm here. It’s like bathtub warm. Photo taken on Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines. July 8th, 2010.