Toronto Skyline at Sunset

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Downtown Toronto at Dawn

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TimeSlice 01

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5K Oops! Always Cover The Eyepiece When Making A DSLR Time-Lapse

I was out shooting photos and had this timelapse all setup. Everything looked good so I just let it run and then shot some stills with my other main camera. Unfortunately it totally failed! I made two mistakes doing this. Keep reading to see what they are:

First I used aperture priority and secondly I did not cover the eyepiece. Using aperture priority isn’t a big deal and it generally works well with a little smoothing out in post.

However, when a few cars pulled up behind me and the light shined directly in through the back of the eye piece of the dslr it totally ruined the timelapse! The light passed through the eyepiece and changed the metering of the photo (in this case shortening the exposure time) I didn’t notice this was happening because I was so focussed on my other rig.

Next time I’ll be sure to cover the eye piece and do full manual mode.

I figured I’d post this in case anyone else had this issue. Cover your eye piece. You never know when someone will shine bright light into the back of your camera!

Shot on: Canon EOS 5D Mark III