Burning Man 2019 photos by Duncan Rawlinson

Here are my Burning Man 2019 Photos!
There are roughly a quadrillion photos on this page. Some images might be NSFW. Please be patient while this page loads. All of my Burning Man images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license. If you share them you must attribute the photographs to me by name and link to Duncan.co You cannot sell my photographs, make prints of them, or make money from them in any way whatsoever. That includes advertising on a website.

Rough Shape
Raising two small children is taking a toll on me. My kids are now 2 and 4 years old and I’m pretty much exhausted all the time and I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. So I started the 2019 Burn mentally fried, physically exhausted, and totally out of shape. I also injured myself just before the burn. I reached back behind the passenger seat of my car to lift a very heavy camera bag (duh!) and destroyed my forearm. Something pulled or tore in my right forearm and it hasn’t been the same since. Fun! When I arrived on playa after driving over 2000 miles in an RV I was in pretty rough shape. So bear with me.

Wifi is Stupid
I had the brilliant idea of running a Wifi network for my camp this year. In previous burns I had wasted lots of time seeking connectivity to send an ALL OK message back and forth to my family home. So I did what you do, I built a bigass wifi network. I then opened the network to everyone in the spirit of radical inclusion. No password or captive portal or anything. (Just throttled speed) The network performed well thanks to the work of the Burning Man IT team and my friend Sarge. That said, it was shocking to see how quickly people went from being thrilled to find out they have connectivity to complaining about it. The network would sometimes be down early in the morning when I wasn’t even in camp (batteries would run down at night) and folks would bug me about it upon my return. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with tech support when all I wanted was rest. At peak there were 131 devices connected to my network at any one time. The most essential use of the network (other than me talking to my family) was a person who used the network to call Switzerland. This person’s mother had recently gone into hospital and had been diagnosed with Cancer. Some people were people streaming Netflix despite me asking them not to abuse the network. They then wondered why they got blocked. You give an inch…

Tried My Best
What follows is the best I could do given the state of my mind and body. I hope it’s enough. I worked for the entire burn so the Burning Man community could enjoy these images.

Wait HALP!
I tend to make lots of mistakes here with captions and I would be really appreciate any comments (very bottom of page) or direct emails telling me how about it. For example you could tell me the names of various unknown pieces or art. Or just how I’m doing it wrong. I will then update this post to reflect your comment or email. Just copy the link to the photo or email the photo to me so I’ll know which photo you’re talking about.

More Useless Information:
The images below are in reverse chronological order starting with the man burn and ending with the builds. This was first published October 18th, 2019. These images are also on Flickr and Photo.Duncan.co.

Here is a Burning Man 2019 playlist I made for you to enjoy while browsing these images.

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