Gmail Account Lockdown – BOO Google!

Gmail Lockdown

OK so this is frustrating. Google has locked me out of my own Gmail account for ‘unusual activity’. There is no explanation as to why and there is no human interaction at all. I just get is this huge error message when I try to login. They could handle this better by sending ‘bad’ people an email about why they think they’re account is being abused and move fromt there. This lockout system strikes me as very ‘evil’.

All of a sudden I trust Google a little less. If the digerati loses trust in GOOG than they have a serious problem.

UPDATE: I was locked out of my email for a full 24 hours. When I tried contacting Google they wouldn’t explain why I’d been locked out or how I could avoid it in the future.

It looks like I was still receiving email during that whole time. Given that, from now on all of my email is being auto forwarded to another dummy Gmail account and then to another dummy Yahoo account so I can get to email emails even if they prevent me from logging in.


  1. I thinks its my blackberry + + 99% full account + constant forwarding + Yahoo Mail’s bullshit Trueswitch thing…

    So its probably my fault for over using my account but I think just locking people out like this is insane.

  2. I got a “lockdown” notice too. I can see important unread messages waiting for me in my igoogle home page, but get that nasty lockdown (lockout) message when I try to access them.

    From a business perspective, it’s unacceptable to be locked out of an email account for 24 hours unexpectedly. What are these guys thinking (or not thinking).

    I never have any luck contacting Google. They seem to big and stuff to reply, reminds me of Microsoft.

    1. I got the "unusual activity" notice , but my accounts have been in lockdown for almost 2 weeks now. I have 2 gmail accounts and because of this in-convenience i can't use them and had to make a third one. Does anyone have a fix or know whats up with Google?

  3. The same happens to me, but just by 1 or 2 minutes

    Its because the intensive use

    Maybe they gave like 3 g of space to keep it clean

    So the truth is this, a gmail is not an account to use, its just to say it could be filled with 3g of emails (but that will never happen)

    Sorry for my english

  4. Account lockdown seems to strike me when I have more than one browser window open to GMail. It never happened to me until I got an iPhone, where a GMail window will sometimes lie open for a long time: Perhaps that’s the problem…? Well anyway I have discovered that if I place the “GMAIL” device in my iGoogle and then click on it, I can access GMAIL through iGoogle and do nearly everything I would normally do in a GMAIL-specific window through iGoogle. Even while the ‘lockdown’ stays in effect. So iGoogle offers a ‘backdoor’ to get around the lockdown. Try it! Regrettably one can still not access GTDinbox through this method.

  5. Hi – I found this via (HA!) googlesearch. The same thing happened to me overnight. And I have a paid google account (extra space), a googlewave account *and* a G1 phone, so you can imagine how damned angry I am right now. This could be larger than both of us – I wonder how many people this happened to.

  6. Sometimes they do this when your account has been using too much bandwidth… This has happened to my when I download all my emails into outlook or apple's the first time…

  7. Sometimes they do this when your account has been using too much bandwidth… This has happened to my when I download all my emails into outlook or apple's the first time…

  8. Locked out today too. Deleted a bunch of mail and archived the rest 3 days ago and yet now they're locking me out. Its bizarre and strange and they're offering NO reasons for it.

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