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I’ve been having issues with my Gmail account. From messages showing up in the ‘trash’ on their own to emails not sending at all. People are receiving some of my emails many hours after I sent them while other emails aren’t received at all. Even some of the items in my ‘sent’ folder aren’t actually sent! I think there should be an online status page for Gmail. Not unlike for Blogger…


UPDATE: Looks like they were listening!!!

Official Gmail Status Page

Nice work Google!


  1. I have also been having problems with gmail. I found that if you use a proxy of some kind-torpark(although its too slow for my liking)- you can access your gmail. Hope this helps!

  2. More issues with gmail again for me today. Mail not being delivered in a timely manner — or at all it seems.

  3. every now and then i see lots of people searching google for ‘gmail problems’ on my site

    i guess that means lots of people aren’t able to get into their accounts for one reason or another

    i think for me the most annoying part is not knowing whether or not your mail is actually being sent!

    so annoying…

  4. Sup peeps? I’ve also had problems with gmail. I found out by trial and error that it works if you use some sort of proxy server. Goodluck!
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  5. Here’s a new Gmail problem. The web clips (or rss feeds) that are supposed to be displayed above the inbox does not show, regardless if you have subscribed to any feeds.

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