Google Reader is tha Shiz

Google Reader

In recent years the weeb has gone from an informational fire hose to a never ending binary tsunami. In order to deal with this I’ve been looking for the best RSS reader for some time now. I’ve gone from My Yahoo to Safari to Netnewswire to Kinja to Bloglines to Rojo and now to Google Reader. Google Reader isn’t even in beta and I still prefer it the rest.

The river of news interface is my favorite feature. As you scroll down it dynamically loads more information (standard reverse chronological order of a blog) from the feed or group of feeds. I have a “daily” tag/folder/label and this is the best page on the inkerweeb because it obviously matches my exact taste…

You can also quickly mix and mash your feeds and re-purpose the feed items as an link blog like this. It’s the easiest re-blogging imaginable. I’m sure they’re working a memetracker / memedigger view not unlike the Rojo Front Page or Techmeme etc.

Dump your opml into it and give it a go. They haven’t worked out all the kinks yet so don’t expect perfection. While you’re at it try the keyboard shortcuts.

Google Reader


  1. have you tried newsfire? it’s not web based, but i really like it. it’s also good if you’re going to be somewhere that doesn’t have web access and you want to browse your feeds. if they have full content, that is.


    “the weeb has gone from an informational fire hose to a never ending binary tsunami.”

    nice line.

  2. haven’t tried newsfire. google reader has an api so i imagine someone will build a desktop client for it so you can take your feeds to go…

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