IKEA Catalogue Remix

IKEA Catalogue Remix

Here’s Day 3 of my Video Blogging Week 2006 series.

In 2003 I got frustrated with the giant pile of IKEA catalogues in the mail room of my apartment building. So I decided to cut up an IKEA catalogue to make a collage out of it. I guess I was trying to convert my negative energy into something creative. That and I was in a very Fight Club mood. I recently found the scans of that collage on a long forgotten hard drive and I still think they’re interesting. I’m not sure I know what or if it means anything at all. Every piece came from one IKEA catalogue. Maybe you can tell me what it means to you. Or you can continue being the closet reader/viewer and not say anything like you always do…

The song in the video is called Hairy Trees by Goldfrapp

Enjoy. 35 MB .mov

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  1. I’m sorry I never comment..i am a total closet reader…
    The video was beautiful but I can’t help thinking that you are in a way mocking ikea…right??
    It’s hard for me to put in words what i am thinking…maybe that’s why I never comment, because I feel I am not fully explaining myself correctly…
    Having said that I will try with this one…
    All of your cut-outs were uplifting, empowering words but you can’t help but think about the source of these words, an Ikea catalogue. I can’t believe that they actually put those in there magazine to sell furniture. It makes me feel guilty because I am one of those people who can be easily sucked into clever marketing. By having you as a brother, someone who is smarter than that, someone who won’t fall for it, helps me become a better human being and consumer:) So, that’s my two cents…thanks for being so rad Duncs.
    Yo sis

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