Flickr Upload Limit Removed – Use it to Backup Your Pics

Flickr removed their 2GB/month upload limit today so now anybody use the service to backup their photos. (I guess now that Yahoo runs the Flickr tubes this is feasible)

I’ve always had this fear of losing all ~50 000 of my digital photos. I’m not very good at backing stuff up so I needed a better way to deal with this. A while back I decided I was going to upload them all to Flickr for safe keeping. I started bulk uploading photos I set the default privacy on the photos to private. Of course I hit the 2GB upload limit pretty quickly so that system wasn’t going to work.

One day I noticed Flickr stopped counting my uploads. I’m not sure what happened but I could upload as much as I wanted. So I took a few giant batches of photos and uploaded them all. My G5 chugged for 3 or 4 days and uploaded all ~50 000 of my images to Flickr.

All my images are now safely stored on Flickr’s storage facility as well as on my own machine. It’s nice not to have to worry about losing my pics.

In my opinion jUploadr seems to be the best Flickr uploader. Use that if you’re going to try this. I find the official Flickr uploader to be really flaky.

I won’t be seeing this again:

Flickr Upload Limit