Watching BBC Live Streams London 2012 Olympics 0195

Watching BBC Live Streams London 2012 Olympics 0195

2007 the world takes over the computer

Bruce Sterling Chips With Everything
graphic by martin lorenz @

Bruce Sterling has written yet another interesting little piece. It’s super short and really fascinating. Here’s an excerpt:

Steve’s ultracapable iPhone, whose screen can be squinched with your fingertips as if it were Play-Doh, bids fair to become Apple’s “remote control for reality.” With the Web in your purse or pocket, applied to physical reality via Google mapping services, you own the ultimate Reality Distortion Field! For Gates, the computer is transforming itself into Microsoft on wheels, a Zune that walks: with brand-new software supporting Microsoft for Robots, a PC can ramble all over your house photographing, scanning, listening, grabbing, and gripping—maybe even fetching a beer! Where does Microsoft’s Wireless Robot want to go today?

[Chips With Everything by Bruce Sterling]