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  • Ethereal Constructs Amidst Desert Vistas

    The collection is a testament to Duncan Rawlinson’s innovative journey through the fusion of traditional photography and the frontiers of AI imaging. Each image is a standalone narrative that captures the essence of desert vastness, complemented by man-made monoliths that evoke a sense of both history and futurism. The serene solitude of the landscapes juxtaposed with the striking structures creates a visual dialogue between the natural world and human imagination. This series not only reflects Duncan’s exploration into the latent possibilities of digital artistry but also echoes his profound connection to the ethereal desert landscapes.


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  • Refractions of Reality

    “Refractions of Reality” embodies an imaginative foray into the blend of photography and artificial intelligence, carving a distinctive niche in the realm of visual arts. Each piece presents a portal to an altered universe where the essence of natural vistas is transformed through a digital lens, beckoning viewers to a realm where the real melds with the fantastical. The collection emerges as a harmonious fusion of technological innovation and the raw splendor of nature, crafting a dreamscape that vibrates with peace and an otherworldly aura.


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  • Purple Twilight Serenade

    As the sun dips below the horizon, the desert landscape transforms into a canvas of digital artistry. Vivid hues of purple and bronze dance across the dunes, tracing the elegant undulations of sand and space. These radiant lines resemble a futuristic interpretation of nature, where light itself seems to be both the artist and the medium. In the stillness of the desert evening, this image captures a fleeting moment where day and night converge, wrapped in a mesmerizing glow. The landscape, usually dominated by sun and shade, now flaunts a neon spectacle that echoes the beauty of the cosmos, as if the very stars had descended to grace the earthly sands. This scene isn’t just a display of colors; it’s a transient, glowing anthem to the beauty that flourishes in the embrace of dusk and darkness. https://Duncan.co/purple-twilight-serenade

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  • Desert Spheres: Balance and Ephemera

    In ‘Desert Spheres: Balance and Ephemera’, Duncan Rawlinson masterfully captures the dance between natural desolation and orchestrated serenity. Floating orbs converse with the enduring desert twigs, offering a glimpse into a world where the laws of nature are both revered and playfully defied. https://Duncan.co/desert-spheres-balance-and-ephemera

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  • Burning Man 2023 Photos

    Here are my Burning Man 2023 Photos!
    There are one octillion photos on this page. Please be patient while this page loads. It might take 10 minutes or more to load this page depending on your system and whether or not my servers are melting… For reals! This page is hundreds of megabytes and absolutely shouldn’t be. If you use the Safari browser it will probably tell you the page uses too much memory lol. Page is a thiccccboi. Sorry not sorry! All of my Burning Man images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license. If you share them, please attribute the photographs to me by name and link back here to Duncan.co That’s all just a fancy way of saying you cannot sell my photographs, make prints of them, or make money from them in any way whatsoever. That includes advertising on a website.

    Please Help Me!
    I make many mistakes when posting so many photos like this. The captions are often wrong or just missing. I would appreciate any comments (very bottom of page, waaaaay down below) or direct emails helping me fix up my mistakes. You can also email me ( [email protected] ) to tell me how I’m doing it wrong or where the mistakes are. I will update this post to reflect your comment or email. Please include lots of detail and any relevant links. Please copy the link to the photo or email me the photo so I know which image it is.

    More Information Nobody Is Going To Read:
    The images below are mostly in reverse chronological order. Click on any photo to open it at full resolution in a new tab. This was first published October, 12th 2023.

    I posted these on Reddit and Flickr.

    Music To Go With These Images
    Here is my Burning Man 2023 playlist. I made this so you have something to listen to while browsing these images. (open this link in another window or the Spotify app…) If this music doesn’t suit you, Burning Man legend @muloka has compiled this massive collection of music from Burning Man 2023 here. Now get scrolling!