Double Arch 02

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Double Arch

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Retired Couple At Double Arch

I was really struggling here to find a way to shoot this. As is often the case, the place is so overwhelming that it becomes a challenge to really get anything across. In this image I was trying to show the splendour of place along with the scale of place. I needed something for scale and a way to draw your eye into the frame. Luckily this retired couple came into the frame at the same moment as another matching pair of people in red we’re exploring inside the arch. So hopefully when you view this large your eye will be drawn into the arch and you will get a good sense of place.

This elderly couple was wandering around looking for a place to take a selfie. A selfie which they had been taking every year for the past 56 years in various places. If you look very closely you will see the woman is holding a sign with the number 56 on it. I ended up taking a photo for them while they held the 56 sign. Maybe I’ll share that one later.

I shot this in the Arches National Park, Utah, United States on August 29th, 2014.

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