Idea: Bad Habits – Good Habits = Your Net Worth

Om recently shared this idea:

Pasting the text here for when Twitter embeds inevitably break in the future:

Your net worth is determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good habits.” Ben Franklin #quotestoliveby

I’ve also added this to my quotes page.

Idea: Meditation as Mental Inbox Zero

I’ve been meaning to learn how to meditate for a long time. I’ve put it off for years. This notion of meditation as mental inbox zero was the point of no return for me. I am going to prioritize learning how to meditate now.

If you don’t know what inbox zero is, go read this before doing anything else.

I read about this idea here.

Idea: Don’t Store Ideas in Your Mind

A long time ago I remember reading about David Allen’s idea that goes something like this:

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. – David Allen

Ironically this idea has stuck with me for years and I have found it invaluable. My mind is often relatively empty so I can be totally present with whatever I’m doing. Maybe you’ll find this idea useful too.

Idea: Crazy Roommate Thoughts

Apply the same skepticism to your own thoughts as you would to the ramblings of an outsider like a crazy roommate. I cannot remember the source of this idea but I will update this post if I can remember it.

Idea: Sort Tasks by Energy State

If you have a never ending todo list try sorting the list by energy state. High and low energy tasks. A high energy task would be something that takes quit a bit of mental bandwidth. When you feel tired or uninspired you do the low energy tasks. When you feel amazing or during your most productive time of day do the high energy tasks.

An alternative sort method is to do the thing you least want to do first.

If memory serves this idea comes from Khe Hy

New York Times Magazine 6th Annual Year in Ideas

New York Times Year in Ideas

This month, as in the past five Decembers, the magazine looks back on the passing year from a distinctive vantage point: that of ideas. Our editors and writers have located the peaks and valleys of ingenuity — the human cognitive faculty deployed with intentions good and bad, purposes serious and silly, consequences momentous and morbid. The resulting intellectual mountain range extends across a wide territory. Now it’s yours for the traversing in a compendium of 74 ideas arranged from A to Z.

To bypass registration go here:

  • The Aerotropolis
  • Air-Index Impressionism
  • The Ambient Walkman
  • The Ballot That Is Also a Lottery Ticket
  • The Beer-Gut Flask
  • Bicycle Helmets Put You at Risk
  • Big Urbanism
  • The Boomerang Drone
  • Cohabitation Is Bad for Women’s Health
  • The Comb That Listens
  • Creative Shrinkage
  • Digital Maoism
  • The Diplomat-Parking-Violation Corruption Index
  • The Drivable One-Man Blimp
  • The E. Coli Wipe
  • Empty-Stomach Intelligence
  • Energy-Harvesting Floors
  • The Eyes of Honesty
  • The Fashion Czar
  • For-Profit Philanthropy
  • The Gyroball
  • The Hidden-Fee Economy
  • Homophily
  • Human-Chimp Hybrids
  • The Humane Flophouse
  • Hyperopia
  • Indie Sitcoms
  • Jujitsu Advertising
  • The Lady Macbeth Effect
  • Literary Spam
  • Low Starting Prices Lead to High Auction Sales
  • Misery Chic
  • Money-Circulation Science
  • The Myth of ‘the Southern Strategy’
  • Narcissistic Celebrities
  • N.C.A.A. Psyop
  • Negativity Friendships
  • The New Inequality
  • Olfactory Cuisine
  • Paternity Confidence
  • Phantom Pianists
  • Psychological Neoteny
  • Publication Probity
  • Redefining Torture
  • The Return of the Corporate State
  • Reverse Graffiti
  • The Robot Fielder
  • Rods From God
  • Sailing an Oil Tanker
  • Salt That Doesn’t Stick
  • Shipping Containers Explain Everything
  • Smart Elevators
  • The Social-Cue Reader
  • Sousveillance
  • Speed-Reducing Art
  • Spit Art
  • Sporno
  • Straw That Saves Lives
  • Taxing Virtual Economies
  • Techno Fashion
  • The Tongue Sucker
  • Trash-Talk Exegesis
  • Tushology
  • Unscratchable Paint
  • The Visage Problem
  • Voting-Booth Feng Shui
  • Walk-In Health Care
  • Web-Based Microfinancing
  • The Wheelchair Car
  • Wine That Ages Instantly
  • Workplace Rumors Are True
  • Yodeling Is Universal
  • The YouTube Referee Indictment
  • The Ziggurat of Zealotry