Idea: Life Paths Open and Closed to You

I think about this tweet often.

People spend their whole lives looking at the black when they should concentrate on the green.

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Tim Urban @waitbutwhy:

We think a lot about those black lines, forgetting that it’s all still in our hands.


Idea: Cynicism is Cyanide

Love this one from @zhusu:

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Cynics tend to be the folks who try to find the fatal flaw in everything while the world passes by

Have aggressively stayed away from cynics my whole life, if you’re not careful their way of thinking can cripple you

Cynicism is cyanide

Here is a related tweet that shows this quite well. (Coinbase just IPO’d yesterday…)

Idea: The Next Guy is You

If you are doing a task, do it correctly.

Do the task right because the next guy is you. The next person to deal with the broken thing is you. The next person to X,Y, or Z is you.

Do the job well and correctly.

If the next guy isn’t you, well you made the world just a tiny bit better for everyone.

Idea: Spotlight Effect

I recently came across this idea called the Spotlight Effect.

It is a phenomenon where people often believe they are being noticed by others more than they actually are. When in reality people are mostly just thinking about themselves.

If you ever suffer from imposter syndrome just remember this; nobody is thinking about you. People think about themselves and worry about how people perceive them. They are not thinking about or even noticing you.

Idea: Bad Habits – Good Habits = Your Net Worth

Om recently shared this idea:

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Your net worth is determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good habits.” Ben Franklin #quotestoliveby

I’ve also added this to my quotes page.

Idea: Meditation as Mental Inbox Zero

I’ve been meaning to learn how to meditate for a long time. I’ve put it off for years. This notion of meditation as mental inbox zero was the point of no return for me. I am going to prioritize learning how to meditate now.

If you don’t know what inbox zero is, go read this before doing anything else.

I read about this idea here.