How To Post to Flickr and Twitter at the Same Time


This post is ancient old (september 2009). The best way to do this now is IFTTT.

Tired of using Twitpic? Try this:

  1. Go to your email account settings on Flickr:
  2. Find the Flickr2Twitter upload email address.
  3. Now email a photo or video to your unique Flickr2Twitter email address and the photo will upload to Flickr and a tweet will be sent to twitter with a link to that photo on Flickr.

The Subject line of the email will be BOTH the Flickr photo title and the Tweet.

You’ve only got about 116 characters for your actual Tweet because the rest will be a short URL itself.

You may also want to check out your upload by email settings to make sure your tags and privacy settings are correct as well:

Word to the wise: Be aware of geolocation settings on your iPhone… Flickr automatically picks up the EXIF data in your photos so if you have location services on for photos on your iPhone they will automatically show up on your Flickr map… You wouldn’t want to tell everyone where you live!? Or would you…

Also if you want to migrate from Twitpic to Flickr use this Twitpickr. (limited to yur last 25 pics)

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