Use the iPhone with Rogers in Canada – Free unlock

You can now use the iPhone with Rogers here in Canada. W00t!

Notice the carrier in the top left.

If you have an iPhone and want to unlock it use this guide. It’s kinda tech but it works. ;)

Update: in order to get EDGE to work you have to change your apn settings in settings, general, network, edge.

Check here for more info.


  1. You gonna get one? I’m seriously thinking about it. $349 for a refurb’d 8gb from the Apple store online.

    Only thing I’m worried about is if a future firmware update might break it.

  2. actually i should say everything works except visual voicemail but thats to be expected.

    youtube isnt working yet either but thats just because i haven’t done the hack for it yet.

  3. i have the bigger of the blackberry data plans.

    but i’m usually in wifi areas so its all good.

    if you’re on rogers you’ll have to change your apn settings to get edge to work after you’ve unlocked to:

  4. Anyone know how to use the iphone email function with an exchange server..(I am on Rogers and used MyMail on my my Treo to AutoSync my emails)

  5. ACDC

    I have spent hrs on the line with rogers tech you can use the iphone to get the e mails like thr treo you need and data plan the thr HTC uses and it is expensive…..What I did is get the small blackberry pearl and got the $25 data plan to get my e mails…..but with the iphone you can change the APN to access the internet for youtube wheather stocks…..the iphone is nice to look at specially in public or bar resto. but you need a small blackberry to get the e mails but be very careful not to update any software on the iphone apple is staring to lock them if not used through a branded carrier.

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