In the midst of the tranquil waters near Alexandria Bay, Upstate New York, a cargo ship charts its course along the St. Lawrence River, guided by the historical Sunken Rock Light. This modest lighthouse stands as a steadfast beacon, offering both a navigational aid and a glimpse into the maritime history of the region. Photographer Duncan Rawlinson captures the essence of the Thousand Islands, highlighting the harmonious relationship between the serene natural beauty and the bustling shipping industry.

The Algocanada vessel is pictured cruising gracefully past the lighthouse, showcasing the importance of the St. Lawrence Seaway for trade and transport. As the ship makes its passage, the surrounding landscape complements the maritime scene, creating a picturesque tableau of the Northern New York waterways. With the lush greenery of the Thousand Islands region in the background, this image brings to life the essence of Upstate New York, merging elements of exploration, industry, and natural wonder.

Although the cargo ship takes center stage, the Sunken Rock Light remains a prominent figure in the composition, highlighting its role as a guiding light for countless vessels on their journeys along the river. Duncan Rawlinson’s photography skillfully captures this fleeting moment of convergence between human endeavor and the environment, a testament to the region’s unique blend of history, nature, and progress.

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