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Cold Swan Is Cold

I shot this in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on February 9th, 2014.

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Breakdancer And Crowd

Photo taken at West Jet Stage Toronto, Ontario Canada, July 1st, 2014. (Canada Day)

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Mountain And Stars Under Moonlight

This was a gorgeous moonlit evening at the foot of Mount Whitney.

Photo taken near Mount Whitney, California, USA, August 11th, 2014.

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Balloon Fiesta 2014 Photos

Here are my photographs from Balloon Fiesta 2014.

If you want to download any of these at full resolution just click on them! As always, all my images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

These images are also on Photo.Duncan.co, Facebook, and Flickr should you want a different viewing experience.

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Toronto Street Scene 2

I often go out and walk around just for the sake of it. Walking around with my camera helps me clear my head and it’s really good for you. This is a photo I took on one of those walks. I like the way the light looks in this image. Photo taken on the street Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 11th, 2014.

See also Toronto Street Scene 1

Ice Patterns

In keeping with my theme of abstract and somewhat minimal images, here is another photograph of ice. I noticed this bizarre pattern in the ice and thought it looked interesting. The wave action below the ice created these strange lines and patterns.

Photo taken on Waterfront Trail, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 14th, 2014.

Swans And Fire Rescue Boat

Five Swans on the ice in front of the William Lyon Mackenzie Fireboat.

Photo taken at Inner Harbour, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. February 9th, 2014.

Lady Walking In Alley

A lady walks down an alley with a suitcase. Photo taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 11th, 2014.

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(This photo is the cover for Friday Mixtape 231)